AngelMD Adds Two Physicians to Senior Leadership Team

AngelMD is proud to announce that it is expanding its executive team with the addition of Mark Foimson, MD, MBA in the role of Chief Medical Officer and Katie Richardson, MD in the role of Executive Director of Clinician Engagement.

AngelMD has thousands of physician and dentist members from all specialties and from every state in the US. Among the clinician membership at large are special member groups including the Ambassador Team, the Clinical Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board. In addition to serving as a key spokesperson for the company, Dr. Froimson will work to build and engage each of the key clinical constituencies that comprise the growing AngelMD community.

“Dr. Froimson has been an incredible advisor for the past few years and has an uncanny grasp of the day-to-day needs and interests of physicians as well as clarity around startup, industry and hospital system needs. Dr. Richardson is an equally special leader and brings her passion for innovation and interest in exposing physicians to rewarding opportunities outside their clinical practice.” said Tobin Arthur, CEO AngelMD.

Among key focuses for Dr. Froimson is the launch of the forthcoming mobile app and maturation of the platform to optimize engagement. In addition, Dr. Froimson is a core voice in creating a strong connection between clinicians and entrepreneurs to better identify leading innovations and accelerate the most deserving through their iterative life-cycle.

As the physician and dentist membership of AngelMD continues to accelerate, Dr. Richardson will be focusing on education and engagement of the clinician members. Key to this effort is fortifying relationships with the growing group of national medical societies working with AngelMD to educate their members around entrepreneurship, advisory opportunities and investment.

Mark Froimson, MD, MBA is an orthopedic surgeon who served as President of AAHKS and as CEO of Euclid Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Hospital among his many roles. Katie Richardson, MD is a trained pediatrician who has spent the last 15 years practicing with Kaiser Permanente Colorado and has been working with startups in the growing Colorado ecosystem for the last several years.

About AngelMD
AngelMD — an online Healthcare Investment and Innovation Marketplace — connects and engages a network of healthcare providers and subject matter experts, angel and institutional investors and private healthcare companies through a technology platform to create better outcomes for investors, entrepreneurs and patients. For more information, visit https://www.angelmd.co

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UTILITY Therapeutics Announces Leadership Changes

UTILITY therapeutics Ltd., a company focused on the U.S. development and commercialization of European-approved antibiotics for the treatment of urinary tract infections, announced changes to the company’s leadership as it progresses towards a U.S. New Drug Approval submission and increases focus on U.S. pre-commercialization efforts.

UTILITY has appointed Alan S. Roemer, M.B.A., M.P.H. as Chairman of the Board of Directors, replacing Dr. Francesco Granata, who is stepping down from the Board. Mr. Roemer was a Founding Leadership Team member of Roivant Sciences, and he currently serves as a director and Audit Committee Chair of NexImmune. In addition, Morten Sommer, Ph.D. has been appointed Interim CEO of UTILITY, replacing Mark Beards, who will transition to a Business Advisor. Dr. Sommer is a Co-Founder of multiple biotechnology companies, including UTILITY, and a Professor of Microbiology and Antibiotic Resistance at the Technical University of Denmark.

Anders Kronborg, CFO of LEO Pharma, a majority shareholder in UTILITY, and an observer of the UTILITY Board of Directors, expresses; “Mark Beards and Francesco Granata have done a tremendous job in bringing UTILITY to its current stage of development. On behalf of the entire UTILITY team and majority shareholders, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for their tireless efforts and successful contributions to the company. We look forward to continuing collaboration with both Mark and Francesco going forward. At the same time, we are excited to welcome Alan and Morten into their new roles and look forward to bringing EU-approved pivmecillinam and mecillinam to the U.S. for the treatment of urinary tract infections.”

Dr. Granata further explains the leadership transition; “UTILITY has made tremendous progress since the company was founded in 2018, and it is time to increase focus on the U.S. market. I look forward to continuing a close collaboration with the UTILITY team and support the company in bringing critical infectious disease medicines to U.S. patients.”

Incoming Interim CEO of UTILITY, Dr. Morten Sommer comments, “Despite the threat of antibiotic resistance to the U.S. healthcare system and economy, commercial interest in developing and launching new antibiotics has been declining. As highlighted by the COVID-19 crisis, the systemic cost and human suffering from not having an appropriate armamentarium of medicines for infectious disease can be enormous. In response to this paradox, and to ensure that as many patients as possible will eventually have access to the medicines offered by UTILITY, we will continue close collaborations with physicians, regulatory authorities, payers and commercial organizations to substantiate the unique and differentiated profile of our antibiotic therapies. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that as many U.S. patients as possible will have access to these proven medicines.”

UTILITY has also established a Business Advisory Board comprised of John Krayacich, Peter Aksel Villadsen and former CEO, Mark Beards. Mr. Krayacich is currently the Senior Vice-President and Head, Global Business Development at LEO Pharma and has previously served in senior roles at Novartis, Pfizer and several biotech ventures. Peter Aksel Villadsen, a Co-Founder of UTILITY, currently serves as Leo Pharma’s Vice President, Head of Global Procurement & Accounts Payable and Global Facility Management. The Business Advisory Board will support UTILITY with U.S. commercialization planning, as well as facilitating operational and business development activities.

– Alan S. Roemer appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors

– Dr. Morten Sommer appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer

– Establishment of Business Advisory Board


UTILITY therapeutics Ltd.
UTILITY has exclusive U.S. commercial rights to two drugs that are already approved in Europe: pivmecillinam, an oral antibiotic with a unique mechanism of action for infections caused by Gram negative bacteria (including extended-spectrum beta-lactamases, or ESBL), and mecillinam, an intravenous (IV) prodrug of pivmecillinam. UTILITY received the FDA’s qualified infectious disease product (QIDP) designation for pivmecillinam for the treatment of both uncomplicated and complicated urinary tract infections (uUTI and cUTI, respectively). This regulatory designation allows up to 10.5 years of market exclusivity, Fast Track status and Priority Review to enable an accelerated path to launch of pivmecillinam for uUTI.

uUTI is a specialty care indication with a concentrated set of physician prescribers, including urologists, Ob/Gyn, geriatric specialists and internal medicine. Pivmecillinam is already included as a first-line therapy in the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines for uUTI, despite not yet being approved in the U.S. The currently available first-line therapies for uUTI are increasingly suffering from resistance that causes recurrent uUTIs, as well as more serious infections. Pivmecillinam has the potential to address an important unmet medical need in the U.S. for a first-line line uUTI treatment with lower levels of antibiotic resistance or safety issues.

UTILITY is also developing a first-line therapy for cUTI utilizing a high-dose, oral formulation of pivmecillinam and an IV formulation of mecillinam. This treatment would be carbapenem-sparing and allow for IV/oral switch, thus enabling patients with cUTI to finish their treatments outside of the hospital. This could significantly reduce the economic burden of cUTI to patients and payers.

The product profiles of pivmecillinam and mecillinam, along with extensive real-world evidence in European markets, are recognized by leading KOLs and physicians for use as a first-line treatment. In Denmark, where pivmecillinam has approximately 80% market share for uUTI treatment, there are consistently low, single-digit resistance rates. This makes pivmecillinam and mecillinam important and commercially attractive medicines for an indication challenged by significant antibiotic resistance in the U.S.

Alan S. Roemer, M.B.A., M.P.H.
Alan Roemer is an entrepreneurial life sciences executive and board member who has launched three biotechnology companies, raised over $1.5 billion in private and public capital, and consummated three IPOs. Mr. Roemer was a Founding Leadership Team member of Roivant Sciences, where he served in various senior management roles responsible for Finance & Operations and Corporate Development. He also served as Chief Financial Officer of Axovant Sciences, a Roivant subsidiary. Prior to launching Roivant and Axovant, Mr. Roemer was a Managing Director of the Trout Group, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer of Zelos Therapeutics, and Vice President of Pharmasset (acquired by Gilead). Mr. Roemer is a Director and Audit Committee Chair of NexImmune, a Trustee of the Helene Fuld College of Nursing, and a Management Committee Member of DC Brau Brewing. He previously served as a director of SomPharmaceuticals (acquired by Amryt Pharma). Mr. Roemer received a B.S.B.A. from Georgetown University and M.B.A. and M.P.H. degrees from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and Rollins School of Public Health.

Morten Sommer, Ph.D.
Dr. Morten Sommer is a Professor and serial entrepreneur of multiple biotech companies, including UNION Therapeutics, SNIPR Biome, Biosyntia, Clinical-Microbiomics, UTILITY therapeutics, and Microlytic (acquired by Anatrace in 2014). Dr. Sommer is also a Professor and Scientific Director at the Technical University of Denmark with a laboratory of 20+ Ph.D. and post-doctoral researchers working primarily in the field of antibiotic resistance and the human microbiome. He has published >50 peer-reviewed papers – including publications on UTILITY’s products – in journals such as Science and Cell and Nature. Dr. Sommer is a co-inventor on 25 patents and patent applications that have been licensed to public and private companies in the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Sommer holds an M.Sc. in Physics from University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard University from the laboratory of Professor George Church.

John Krayacich, M.B.A.
John Krayacich is the Senior Vice-President and Head, Global Business Development where he is responsible for all in-licensing, out-licensing, divestments and M&A activities for Leo Pharma. Prior to joining LEO Pharma in 2019, John was the Vice-President Business Development and Strategy for Novartis (USA). Before re-joining Novartis, John led two biotech companies, Marinus and Ambrose Pharmaceuticals. Earlier John held senior positions with Novartis in Global Project Management and Pfizer in Global and US Marketing and New Product Planning. Before joining Pfizer in 2000, John worked at Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis, where he held various positions of increasing responsibility in Canada and the USA in sales, marketing, and global marketing planning. His last position at Warner-Lambert was Senior Director of Global Marketing planning with responsibilities for global marketing strategy for the early and late stage atherosclerosis products including, Lipitor. Mr. Krayacich received his H.B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physiology from The University of Western Ontario, as well as his M.B.A. from the Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario.

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Professional women gather at WIN Manchester to realise their power and celebrate the Suffragettes

-®´©Ånancyfina_DSC7911WIN Manchester, a WIN curated leadership event for professional women and men, will take place on 7 June at the UKFast Campus in Manchester. In this 100-year anniversary of the very first women gaining the right to vote, WIN Manchester will celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Suffragettes while providing participants with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and connections to help them succeed in their careers and prepare for the future.

The event is hosted by WIN, a global women’s leadership initiative based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The theme of the event is “Realizing Your Power and Leading Change Differently – the Suffragette Edition.” At the event, participants will learn how women with authentic power are impacting business models and bottom lines and discover how progressive companies are embracing diversity and creating inclusive environments that foster innovation.

The speaker line-up at WIN Manchester includes:
• Sue Johnson, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Consulting, PwC
• Elaine De Fries, Operational Manager, The Pankhurst Trust
• Geraldine Bown, CEO & Founder, Domino Perspectives
• Nazir Afzal, Former Crown Prosecutor – NW England, Former Chief Executive – Police & Crime Commissioners
• Graham Sparks, VP HR Diversity and Inclusion, Royal Dutch Shell
• Claire-Marie Boggiano, Director & Coach, Lurig Change & Development
• Gavin Markel, Head of Women’s Football, Manchester City
• Ken McPhail, Professor of Accounting, Director of Research and Deputy Head of School, Alliance Manchester Business School
• Isabella Phoenix, Omnichannel Transformation, HP Inc.

“We are delighted to bring WIN to Manchester, the birthplace of the women’s suffrage movement. At this pivotal time, as we celebrate women’s achievements in all walks of life and grapple with the new and old challenges we face, we must not forget the vital contribution of the suffragettes,” said Kristin Engvig, WIN’s Founder and CEO. “At WIN Manchester, we will draw on their legacy and ask: how can we access our inner power and strengthen our outer influence to make things happen, differently?

WIN Manchester is sponsored by Alliance Manchester Business School, UKFast, Shell, Lurig Change & Development, BASF, Oakridge STRIDE, Shoosmiths, Grant Thornton and Direct Rail Services.

Professor Fiona Devine, Head at Alliance Manchester Business School said: “At Alliance Manchester Business School our world-leading academics are engaged in a wide-range of research connected with gender and diversity; and across all our programmes we support the world’s future leaders to embrace diversity and foster innovation. We take our inspiration from the great city of which we are part and we are extremely proud to support the first WIN conference here in Manchester.”

For information about WIN Manchester, please visit www.winconference.net or write to pr@winconference.net.

About WIN

Modelling, empowering and connecting leaders in global, authentic and feminine way – for the world, work and life

WIN works to get a critical mass of conscious women into decision-making roles, to progress careers, to create companies with the highest values, to encourage and support more women in politics and in business, and to give space to artists and activists. The Global WINConference, an annual leadership forum, has become the reference for modern women working internationally and organisations active in the field of women’s leadership and diversity and inclusion. WIN has welcomed more than 16,000 leaders and hundreds of companies to live events worldwide. With its highly creative and holistic take on traditional business topics, it has both celebrated and transformed the lives of thousands of women, and positively impacted hundreds of companies. It inspires leaders to run organisations for the future, with noble values and awareness, and to live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm. It accelerates change by developing, empowering and connecting leaders to a global, authentic and feminine vision.


“WIN is a leadership journey: a path for doing business the authentic way. It encourages people to live creatively and view life & work systemically, from new perspectives. Along the way, WIN helps enhance careers, improve business and develop potential along with individuality”

Kristin Engvig, Founder and CEO, WIN