Escapology Launches Luxury Paint & Wallpaper Collections

Escapology, a leading home interiors brand announced its entry into the interior decorating market. A new partnership with The Little Greene Paint Company brings a collection of premium quality paints and exquisite wallpapers to Escapology’s customers.

“For the last five years, Escapology has been building a lifestyle brand that offers something different to consumers who are looking for ‘grown up’ style in their home. This partnership enables Escapology the ability to offer everything from wall décor to furniture. The addition of a paint and wallpaper collection provides the opportunity to deliver a start to finish solution for the home interiors of our customers.” explains Matthew Lincoln Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Escapology.

To bring the vision to life, Escapology searched for partners who had a similar ethos to quality and design. The process concluded with the selection of The Little Green Paint Company whose UK manufacturing base, quality controls, and approach to environmentally friendly products made them stand out.

“It’s easy to select a partner based on sales potential alone. It’s more difficult when you are seeking a partner who shares similar values and can deliver on every aspect of Escapology’s high standards. In Little Greene, we have a partner that allows us to meet the demands of our customers for premium quality paint and luxury wallpaper that is easy to use, durable, and is eco-friendly.” Matthew added.

The addition of the paint and paper collection, allows Escapology to offer a comprehensive choice of paint and wallpaper through its Retail Studio and

“We exist to enable our customers to create a relaxed, stylish, haven,” says Lincoln. “This addition to our collections is a major step in Escapology offering an alternative to the fragmented way spaces are currently redecorated.”

About Escapology: Escapology is a luxury lifestyle brand that offers furniture, lighting, and home accessories for homeowners who want something different from the norm. Through our curated collections, Escapology offers pieces to create an interior style for grown ups.

What’s in a Name? According to Reece Johnson, Millions

Entrepreneur-turned-author shares branding secrets that lead to his success

(London) – March 28, 2019 – It has long been said that “clothes make the man” – but in today’s world, an entrepreneur’s brand is even more important.

That’s certainly is the opinion of Reece Johnson. In his new book, “Branding for Millions,” the London-based author and entrepreneur offers a bold, expansive look at the evolution and importance of the personal brand. Johnson takes his readers through his own story as a self-made business leader, as well as detailing how meaningful branding and marketing can help companies achieve their business goals.

“Today, businesses that are properly branded can scale upwards with unprecedented speed,” says Johnson. “By capitalizing on social media’s ability to share branded messages, a business that is true to its brand can succeed where others might fail.”

Johnson learned these lessons in the hectic world of 21st century entrepreneurship, helping develop and sell companies in the fast-paced world of digital startups. His company, Face the Brand, offers digital marketing and social media assistance and counts Microsoft and Google as its valued clients.

“I wrote ‘Branding for Millions’ because I believe in practicing what I preach,” says Johnson. “One of the first lessons I share with people is to believe in their own brands enough to invest in them. If they do, the returns will be great.”

Johnson shares these lessons with aspiring artists and singers who need personal branding advice, businesses who need help launching a product, and companies who need social media help. In his book, he also shares with people that he was able to do all of this while overcoming dyslexia.

“I wear my dyslexia proudly because I’ve learned how to overcome it,” says Johnson. “Now, it’s become a part of my story.”

Johnson’s story is available on Amazon. He is available to discuss the world of personal branding. To schedule an interview with Johnson, contact Erika Yuzon at