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CAMO Digital Hope to Reach ‘New Heights’ Following Aquisition of Tekkers Media

Leading talent, lifestyle and sports agency, CAMO Digital, are delighted to share their successful recent aqcuisition of prominent London-based football media brand, Tekkers media. This strategic move further solidifies CAMO Digital’s position in the sports industry and strengthens its commitment to delivering high-quality content and engaging experiences to its global audience.

Tekkers Media has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional curation of the best football skills, goals, and news content from around the world. With a strong presence on various digital platforms, including social media, Tekkers has cultivated a loyal following of over 1.2 million football enthusiasts.

CAMO Digital Founder, Dan Cholerton, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the acquisition. He said: “We are thrilled to have acquired Tekkers Media. It’s a brand I have closely collaborated with for several years, and I truly believe that together we can reach new heights.

“As the football community evolves with emerging platforms and shifting social norms, we are determined to leverage our already established global following. The introduction of Tekhers, the women’s football  brand, is just one of many new communities we aim to nurture in the coming years.”

With this acquisition, CAMO Digital aims to harness the expertise and reputation of Tekkers Media to enhance its digital presence, expand its reach, and connect with an even wider audience of football fans. By leveraging Tekkers’ extensive network and content creation capabilities, CAMO Digital is poised to deliver immersive experiences and engaging narratives across multiple digital platforms.
Tekkers Media will continue to operate under its well-established brand, ensuring continuity and building upon the trust it has developed with its passionate followers. Through this collaboration, CAMO Digital and Tekkers Media will jointly develop innovative strategies, exploring new possibilities in the rapidly evolving sports and lifestyle landscape.
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Global connections app launched for those that are childless not by choice

MANCHESTER, UK 24th April 2023 – A woman from Manchester has drawn from her own experiences of being childless not by choice and created an app to help other childless adults find new friendships with like minded people who understand them and know what it is like to be childless.
Helen Gallagher, 45 from Manchester said she passionately believes that we all deserve to be happy and that being a parent should not define you. She wants to help raise awareness of this and help others come to terms with being childless at same time as helping them find joy again.
She said “ I am not happy because I am childless, I am happy AND childless. There is a big difference”. Helen’s mission is to help childless not by choice men and women find joy again.
“I set up Happy & Childless, which started as a blog, then turned into a podcast. In addition, I set up a Life Coaching business to support other childless not by choice people. I am now living my best life, coaching, travelling and helping other childless people move forward”.
The app is designed as a friendship app and allows users to search by location, interest and reason for being childless. They can then be part of a group forum or message connections directly.
At the age of 40, Helen found herself separated from her husband and not only having to come to terms with the end of a marriage but also facing a childless life. With very little hope for the future, she just knew she had to reconnect with self and seek out others who could support her who were going through a similar journey.
“I felt deep sadness, panic, grief and regret but there was also a part of me that believed I deserved to be happy”.
“Connection changed my life. We live in a pronatalist society where our worth is defined by be being a parent” Helen explained.
Helen says “So often we feel isolated, even when we have a large community of family and friends. The app enables similar childless men and women to come together and feel seen, heard and understood”.
“I see so many men and women struggling to move forward and embrace life again. I hope that by sharing my story, launching this app and offering coaching to those in need, I can make a difference”.
Download the app from the app store here: App Store Download and Google Play Store Download.

Wealth of Geeks Helps Film Lovers Size Up Spring Cinema

Wealth of Geeks, an information hub for financial, tech and lifestyle guides and reviews, is giving film lovers the lowdown on the newest releases in theatres this spring. Their recent article by Richard Chachowski highlights the most anticipated films of the season along with current showings leaving theatres soon and popular re-releases to look out for.  


The article serves as a user-friendly manual, offering a succinct overview of each movie, accompanied by a brief evaluation and insights into its critical reception. Additionally, it includes Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb ratings, allowing readers to make well-informed choices and schedule their upcoming cinema outings.


If there’s a theme that dominates their list of new releases, it’s action. First on their list is Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the latest offering from DCEU starring Zachary Levi and Asher Angel. Fans of Marvel can then get a rundown of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly.  


The article also features 65, a new sci-fi film starring Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt that Chachowski calls “equal parts Planet of the Apes as it is Jurassic Park” and states that the film “punctuates its exciting action with some added horror elements.” Scream VI, the new release from the Scream franchise, is also featured in the article and offers spring theatre-goers another horror-action option. 


Other films included in the new release section of the Wealth of Geeks article include the comedy-horror Cocaine Bear, the new dramatic comedy Moving On starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda along with two sports films, Creed III and Champions. The psychosocial thriller Inside starring William Dafoe also made the list. 


Subsequently, the article alerts readers about movies that are expected to depart from theatres shortly. This roster encompasses a diverse array of film genres, spanning from action-comedy to horror to biographical drama.


First on their list of notable movies is Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, the latest action comedy from Guy Ritchie starring Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza, Josh Hartnett and Hugh Grant. Magic Mike’s Last Dance starring Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek is also featured along with Jesus Revolution starring Kelsey Grammer and Jonathan Roumie, both films drawing lukewarm reviews from critics. 


Other notable films on the list include M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin, a mystery-horror that Chachowski calls “one of Shyamalan’s better films in the grand scheme of his career.” Also featured is the sports comedy 80 for Brady starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field and Rita Moreno, and the British biographical drama Emily, which offers a portrait of writer Emily Bronte. 


Check out the full article on Wealth of Geeks to see which films are heating up in theatres and which ones are soon making their departure. 


Devon-Based Relationship Coach Selected For Women’s Business Award

Keely Pierce Of I Am More Academy Chosen To Compete For Top Prize In ‘Business Mum of the Year’ Category 
Businesswomen from across the globe are coming together for the annual Women’s Business Awards in in December 2023. The event features over 20 awards across categories such as Businesswoman of the Year, Employer of the Year, and Best New Business of the Year.
Relationship Coach Keely Pierce of I Am More Academy Ltd. is delighted to be nominated for the Business Mum of the Year award in the Small Business category. Reacting to her nomination, South Devon-based Keely said that:
“I am honoured and humbled to be nominated for Business Mum of the Year! It is an amazing experience and such an accolade for my business, I Am More Academy. 
“Being nominated for this award means so much to me as it recognises the hard work and dedication that I put into helping families achieve happiness and harmony. I Am More Academy is like an extra baby in our family, and it’s a blessing to be visible to so many who can benefit from our services. 
“I am extremely appreciative and excited about this nomination, and I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my business along the way.”
The awards are hosted by Women’s Business Club, a movement that empowers women to succeed in business, and judged by distinguished business leaders from across the UK. This year, the Business Mum of the Year award is proudly sponsored by No Regrets Coaching.
Angela De Souza, CEO and founder of Women’s Business Club, the event organiser, says:
“There is nothing quite like celebrating the accomplishments of our businesswomen. This year we saw some incredible entries which made the judge’s decision really tough. I am so proud of all businessmen and women who are pushing through this tough year.”
The Women’s Business Awards take place in multiple countries each December as part of the Women’s Business Conference, where women are celebrated and recognised for their outstanding contributions and achievements.
Find out more and cast a vote here.

A New Study Reveals: You Must Be Worried If Your Partner Travels To Follow His Football Team Across The Country

A new study reveals that, when following their team across the country, UK football fans often enjoy more than just the game itself. has surveyed 2,200 UK football fans to figure out which fan bases are getting the ‘luckiest’ during game days. The results are very intriguing, as an average of 5.4% of UK fans said that they had had a sexual encounter while visiting a sports venue or stadium.

There must be something in the air in the blue part of Merseyside, as an impressive 15.10% of Everton fans are claiming to have gotten lucky either at Goodison Park or at a sporting venue. In this ’embarrassing’ table, the Liverpool fans (12.26%) came in second place behind the Toffees supporters.

This shows that there must be something in the water in Merseyside that makes it easier to get lucky in places like this. Being active at a stadium facility is one thing; cheating on your partner in such venues is quite another. wanted to find out which fans are the most unfaithful in
the UK, and they asked how many have cheated on their ‘other half’ when following their football team. The results were shocking.

An average of 15.17% said they cheated on a partner while following their team away from home, with Newcastle fans topping the table with nearly a THIRD saying that they have been unfaithful when travelling to follow the Magpies around the country. Toon supporters are more likely to play away than any others in
the Premier League
. Almost one in three said they had cheated on a partner while on the road—compared with 2% of Aston Villa fans.

According to the poll, when looking into the reason for cheating among the different football fans, the most popular response was alcohol intoxication, which was as high as 44.22%.

Second on the list was their team, winning at 21.3%. Having an argument back home just before leaving for a match was not good, as 6.12% of the respondents said they cheated for this reason.

John Pentin, spokesman for, said: ‘Newcastle are having a great season in more ways than one. The club is near the top of the table, and so are its fans—for cheating on partners! At least they are following a well-performing team. Scousers fans are still doing the ‘dirty job’ while watching their team’s disappointments!

Also, make sure you are always on good terms before your partner goes away to support his team and hope that the match will turn out well for his or her team; otherwise, it seems you will be increasing the chances of being cheated.’

Data and Methodology:
In January 2023, 2,200 UK football fans were polled from the Premier League plus two Championship clubs. If you’d like to share this post or its content with your readers or friends, you are welcome to do so. Please be sure you include attribution by linking to this study, though. More info available on request at