Online retailer gives customers ‘Saville Row’ customisation of luxury mattress and beds

For the first time in the UK customers now have the opportunity to create and customise healthy, luxury, environmentally friendly mattresses and beds online through CustomMattress. The independent company is preserving high-quality UK manufacturing, championing environmental production and challenging the exploitative in-store and online tactics of major retailers.

CustomMattress is the first and only exclusively online retailer to offer:
– Made to order, bespoke mattresses and beds using a personalised Sleep Specification™ to meet exact comfort and support needs
– Use of FSC® certified timber and a Fair-Trade supply chain
– Organic mattresses and fillings certified by the Soil Association and compliance with strict GOTS regulations
– A full ten year guarantee on all products
– Certified Made in the UK

International business duo Sarah and Steve McKenna established Custom Mattress to provide healthy, luxurious, environmentally friendly mattresses and beds after becoming concerned about store retailers regularly exploiting people through predatory in-store practices, pseudoscience and gimmicks.

Steve McKenna, explained, “This is an attack not only on the environment and people’s purses but also our health: biased store retailers push poor product, containing inferior fillings which feel great in the store but soon ‘deflate’ at home – leading to poor support,” he said.

“Social media and TV are also riddled with poorly constructed mattresses and beds sold at inflated prices to an unsuspecting audience. These newer boxed foam beds, backed by investment giants, have teams of people chasing reviews of brand new purchases that we know will sag and deteriorate over time leading again to poor support.

“We wanted to change this and give customers the convenience of online shopping with the health benefits of high quality, durable craftsmanship using safe, environmentally friendly materials.

“We are able to offer this because our mattresses and beds are made entirely by hand in England, using the finest materials by a production team who apply traditional craftsmanship honed over more than a century.

“All our beds contain FSC® certified timber and materials from only reputable suppliers operating sustainable programs and processing fillings that can be traced back to origin to comply with fair trade practices and UK and EU laws.

“Our mattresses contain the finest materials available including silk, cashmere, cotton and lambswool and organic mattresses and fillings certified by the Soil Association and compliance with strict GOTS regulations.

“Combined with quality construction, our mattresses and beds deliver at least a decade of consistent, healthy and comfortable sleep.

“Manufacturing quality is combined with what we learn about customers’ preferences, lifestyle and needs including how they use their bed, their height, weight, frequency of use, environmental concerns, allergies and budget.

“This results in an entirely individual, personalised Sleep Specification™ which prescribes the size, construction, softness or firmness of mattress, range and combination of fillings, finishing, fabric, leg and feet preferences, delivery needs and timings – culminating in a sound, healthy night’s sleep.

“Cheap mattresses and beds come at a cost to people’s health and the environment. CustomMattress is a family business preserving a century of craftsmanship to offer the often-elusive sound nights sleep, without harming the environment,” McKenna concluded.