Reclaiming Caviar Diplomacy – Iranian Caviar Making a Comeback

As we’ve all been reading, the sanctions and recent events involving Iran are divisive. Caviar is something, however, everyone can agree on – regardless of political affiliation.

Our company, Caspian Monarque, has overcome numerous hurdles in being one of the few Iranian caviar suppliers exporting directly to the UK. We are one of only a privileged handful of companies to have access to the ancient and mysterious waters of the Caspian sea.

Our aim is to improve the commercial, cultural and ultimately, the diplomatic image of Iran. We are looking to build bridges between our ancient land and Europe via exposure to Persian delicacies.

It’s been a while since Iranian caviar has been widely available in Europe and we feel that it’s the start of the healing process.

Nobody who is decent wants war.

But we do know that many people want caviar.

And Iranian caviar is the best.

That’s not hyperbole; people such as Eric Ripert and Gordon Ramsay state that it is objectively and undeniably the best.

There was a horrible phrase coined during the Cold War: “Caviar Diplomacy”. It alluded to bribery via expensive gifts, for example, caviar. But we want to reclaim it and say that our efforts to bring people from both Iran and the West together to be true caviar diplomacy.

We offer Iranian caviar from Beluga, Almas, Osetra and Sevruga, ranging from delicate to powerful, textures that delight the palate, tastes and aromas that excite the senses and aesthetic qualities that make our caviar the jewels of the Caspian Sea.

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Prosper with Proseccard

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Proseccard is an exciting new subscription-based business for prosecco lovers. For just £29.00 per month, customers can enjoy the privilege of boundless bubbles in a number of carefully selected venues across the UK.

Founded in Midlands UK, Proseccard has been created by Shaun and Sophie. With extensive experience in the hospitality and customer service industries, and having owned, managed and run a number of bars; the couple identified a need in the market for a Prosecco subscription service.

With a pre-packaged and ready to go marketing campaign, a range of licenced venues can now tap into this massive drinking trend to drive revenue and footfall for their business.

Venues will receive £10 per month for every customer that signs up through their business (or who sign up online and select them as their nearest participating venue).

Just 500 members provides an additional £60,000 incremental revenue to the participating venue, and with uncapped subscriptions the earning potential is limitless!

Anyone with a card can use any one of a network of venues for their pre-paid subscription, and to encourage responsible drinking and prevent multiple drinks being ordered, there is also a 15 minute mandatory gap between refills, and a limit of 6 glasses per person per day.

Sophie, Co-Founder at Proseccard says “Proseccard customers will bring increased footfall, secondary revenue and breathe new life into a venue. The subscription based membership card provides a premium lifestyle offering at no cost, no risk and provides businesses with a solid revenue stream. In addition, it gives customers a whole new experience that not only delivers on profit but on popularity too.”