Hospital Logs Significant Time and Cost Savings with New GateKeeper Proximity Solution

Pilot Knob, MO. – Time is money for a busy hospital system. Thanks to the implementation of a new security and authentication system from GateKeeper, Iron County Medical Center in rural Missouri is saving both time and money with each shift – decreasing administrative work by 75 to 95 minutes per day and saving an average of $1,600 per month or more than $19,000 per year.

A recent case study from GateKeeper revealed that introducing proximity-based authentication and security provided financial savings and new, unexpected efficiencies. These savings allowed Iron County Medical Center to maintain imperative patient privacy policies without inconveniencing the staff.

Previously, Iron County Medical Center employees typed passwords more than 120 times an hour to unlock computers and HER (electronic health records). Further, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy requirements led to duplicate logins and added auditing, creating inefficiencies and significant loss of valuable staff time. When the critical access hospital with limited resources sought a cost-effective authentication solution to reduce the burden on employees,
priorities included:

– reducing the number of required logins,
– automatically securing workstations,
– a password manager,
– and login activity automatically recorded for auditing purposes.

“Using the GateKeeper Enterprise software has raised our standard of security for our employees beyond our initial expectations,” said Mark Natale, IT Coordinator for Iron County Medical Center. “Our staff has more time to accomplish their important work each day and, at the same time, we have enhanced the security and compliance required by a critical access hospital.”

GateKeeper offers automated workstation defense, which ensures all computers in the family care clinic are locked while unattended for HIPAA compliance. 2-factor authentication was enabled form added security and auditing purposes. Virtual desktops allow each team member’s work to remain active and accessible from any computer while the person is present. Finally, a new GateKeeper Remote app from the Untethered Labs team provides users access to their password manager during virtual sessions on any PC throughout the entire hospital.

“The work that critical access hospitals such as Iron County Medical Center performs is vital to the health of communities across the country, and we were thrilled to present several customized solutions to make their lives and work easier and more effective,” said Dr. Sid Potbhare, CEO, GateKeeper. “They are reporting increased productivity as well as notable savings in time and money, so it’s smart win-win for both organizations.

To read the full case study, please click HERE to download or visit the GateKeeper website.

About GateKeeper
Automating security culture across the world, GateKeeper enhances corporate compliance and cyber security through mass automated authentication. Through efficient wireless authentication, GateKeeper protects networks from internal breaches and confidential data exposure with patented solutions that include two-factor authentication, centralized password management, and comprehensive auditing, all designed to reduce support time and costs while enhancing security and compliance.

For more information, please visit https://gkaccess.com/ or email info@gkaccess.com.

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Trimline sees the real time benefit of planning with PODFather

Trimline, the leading supplier of tiling products and solutions is seeing the real time benefits of introducing PODFather’s route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery software to its UK distribution operation. Known for its company commitment to exceptional customer care, the Trimline team wanted a software solution that would help them deliver greater access to quality tile products and quicker response time for customers, whatever the project scale. With PODFather now in place the Trimline team is seeing the benefit of having real time fleet visibility and performance reporting. As a result of the data that PODFather collects, Trimline has been able to dramatically increase its On Time in Full (OTIF) delivery performance by over 12%.

“One of the biggest benefits of introducing PODFather is that we now have real time visibility of what’s going on out on the road,” comments Dave Fletcher, Operations Manager. “With the PODFather system in place we can optimise the routes we are running, track progress in real time, and capture electronic proof of delivery information without having to rely on the use of paper tickets. As a result of changing our working practices we’ve saved a huge amount of admin time and seen our On Time in Full performance improve by over 12%.”

Trimline use the PODFather system to plan delivery routes, collect vehicle check data and send job information to drivers. All drivers have access to the PODFather Driver App, which runs on even the most basic of smartphones. The app allows drivers to collect and log all vehicle check information before their jobs for the day are uploaded and they head out onto the road. “The driver app is really simple yet very effective,” adds Fletcher. “In fact, the whole PODFather system, from the job management screens through to the end of day reports are user friendly and informative; it was one of the big plus points for me when I first saw the solution.”

End of day reporting has allowed Trimline to improve efficiency across its operation. With vehicle tracking and driver performance data being fed back to the transport team, via the PODFather app, Trimline is able to make decisions and refine planning parameters based on real life data, something that wasn’t possible with the previous, paper based process.

“Trimline is an excellent example of how the benefits of using PODFather influences may different aspect of our clients’ businesses,” adds Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “Distribution operators are familiar with the concepts of route optimisation, vehicle checks and driver tracking but in this case it’s been the collection and collation of real life business data that has led to Trimline improving efficiency across its operation, with some impressive results.”

PODFather Ltd – so much more than ePOD

Our software is helping businesses within the logistics, construction, field service and healthcare industries to streamline processes, improve operational and financial efficiency, and eradicate paper. Our cloud-based delivery management software encompasses a range of features and functionality including; job management, route planning and optimization, vehicle checks, proof of delivery, driver and vehicle tracking, as well as invoicing and reporting modules. PODFather allows businesses to be better informed about the jobs they are managing, highlighting problems before they occur, making users proactive rather than reactive. Our customer base includes well-known names such as Tarmac, NHS, Bidfresh, Oxfam and Igloo, as well as a many independent logistics and construction service operators. To find out more visit www.podfather.com.

Please direct all media request to: Jane Geary, Marketing Manager
Tel: 07590 376099, jgeary@podfather.com

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Time Will Tell, A Father’s Day Single by the Songwriter Alon, Will Be Released This Friday June 19th

Alon will release the unpublished radio edition of Time Will Tell this Friday June 19th. This song, a tribute to Father’s Day, explores the challenges and fears of becoming a father. Time Will Tell will be released by Great Egg Music and made available on Spotify, Apple Music and many other streaming services.

Mixed by Grammy-Nominated engineer, David Ivory, Alon with his customized sonic rig “The Alonomorphic Control Station” creates a tapestry of sounds including 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, the legendary Mellotron, EBows and special effects.

According to Mr. Otter Music, Time Will Tell has a “really amazing melody and great vocals!” Indiesound said, “I dig the psychedelic vibes and arrangement.”

Alon, aka Marc A. Gallo, reflects on the song’s inspiration. “Fatherhood was a life changing event. When I was single, I had the luxury of focusing on myself. But when my children arrived, I suddenly had to rearrange my priorities and face the challenges.”

Time Will Tell was originally released by Alon on the EP “The Artist Manifesto: Document 1” on Great Egg Music in 2005. The radio edition of Time Will Tell has never been released.

Alon began as a singer-songwriter in 2001 and has evolved into an eclectic musical artist. He invented his customized sonic rig, The Alonomorphic Control Station, and produced two other EPs, Persian Butterfly and Alon (Self-Titled). He’s appeared in Performing Songwriter and Progression magazines and has been featured on the Gagliarchives Progressive Rock Radio Show.

Upcoming releases include Persian Butterfly (Remastered) on Friday July 31st and stories about the artist behind the music on Alon’s YouTube channel.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0kp-EpLUO_xOVNQAmfs3sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindTheGap/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindthegap






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It’s Time for Us to Discover America Again

How to Feel the Pull and Excitement about National Travel

With limits to international travel and ever-fluctuating travel dates it’s time for innovative solutions. America is opening up and domestic travel, as we know it, is in for some big changes. Let’s take a look at our own country the way that outsiders do.

As wild as Alaska is, it is accessible. Imagine climbing into a helicopter, landing on a glacier, and taking a dog sled. (Follow that up with a visit to Husky puppies.) How about rafting down the glorious Snake River and going on a wildlife safari in Yellowstone? Just a few miles away, catch the alpenglow on the Tetons. Extraordinary. Maybe you just need to unwind and renew. California’s wine country is as glorious as Italy’s.

Authentic Vacations, in business for twenty years, has just launched Authentic America. “We’re looking for travel solutions and options,” says Authentic’s President, Allegra Lynch.Research tells us that we often travel for, what we are calling, milestone moments. We want a reunion with our family. Maybe a friend has discovered she’s cancer-free and we’d like to share that joy together. Perhaps we want to immerse ourselves in new cultural experiences.”

Will that work for people who are used to the excitement of Europe? Over the last few years, many of the best-loved places have become over-crowded. Not so in America. And how about the fact that America is reopening at different rates? “We’ve got a finger on the pulse of restrictions and timing. We’re set up for this.” Where is Lynch going to vacation? “I’ve traveled to Europe three or four times each year for the past two decades. This year, I’ve planned some spa time, and adventure time, in the Pacific Northwest. I never thought of myself travelling in America, but now? I am amazed at the destinations and experiences that are available!”

It’s time to look at changes in travel as an opportunity to explore, and support, this diverse home of ours, America.

Authentic Vacations based in Scottsdale, Arizona has arranged over 200,000 trips and is a trusted member of USTOA, IATA, ASTA, and Travel Leaders. Lynch is buoyed by the present challenge.

To learn more about Authentic Vacations visit https://www.authenticvacations.com or to schedule an interview with Allegra Lynch, President, please contact:
Meredith Blevins

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Orthodontists Associates of WNY To Offer No Cost Virtual Consultations Adhering To & Encouraging Social Distancing In The Time of COVID-19


BUFFALO, N.Y., April 23, 2020— Orthodontists Associates of Western New York (WNY), the clear choice for orthodontic care in Western New York, announced this week that they will offer virtual consultations at no cost to continue serving new and existing patients during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The doctors and staff at Orthodontists Associates of WNY continue to monitor all ongoing and changing information as well as recommendations from experts in their field and their governing bodies with regard to COVID-19.

Since 1993, Orthodontists Associates of WNY have provided area residents with the highest quality top-rated orthodontic care. With five offices located in Hamburg, Olean, Lancaster, Orchard Park, and Dunkirk, New York, the practice has been a constant in the lives of thousands of patients. In this time where normalcy has gone topsy turvy, the comfort of a routine Orthodontist visit can provide both structure and a balm to patients. Though all dental and orthodontic offices are closed by mandate to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, Orthodontists Associates of WNY have found a way to adapt in order to continue to serve their community. Virtual consultations are recommended by the CDC as the best way to obtain orthodontic care while avoiding exposure and stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Using SmileSnap and Zoom video conferencing software, the virtual consultation process is easy and user-friendly. Patients simply snap a few pictures with their mobile phone and proceed to answer a few online questions, so the orthodontic team has everything they need to provide an initial consultation. During the assessment, doctors will review the pictures and information submitted and discuss their findings and recommendations. There may be some additional questions to help doctors better understand patient goals and dental history. At that point, types of orthodontic treatment are recommended, and all your questions are answered about how long the treatment will take, as well as costs associated with the treatments. The entire assessment is free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed with treatment.

Additional services provided by Orthodontists Associates of WNY include Early Treatment Orthodontics, Clear Braces, Invisalign®, Dentofacial Orthopedics, Surgical Orthodontics, Craniofacial Orthodontics, Sleep Apnea, Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs), and i-CAT®/CBCT digital imaging.

A life-changing pandemic sweeping across the globe is a serious and ever-changing situation. Maintaining contact with the community, setting up day-to-day appointments, and enjoying face to face virtual contact are some of the ways experts recommend citizens of all countries and locales navigate these unprecedented times for continued mental health and routine.

Locally-owned Orthodontists Associates of WNY supplements the convenience of its five brick and mortar locations with this one-on-one virtual service and top-notch individualized care from the safety and comfort of home.

For more information, please visit https://www.orthowny.com/virtual-consultation/
email contact@orthowny.com or call  (716) 638-2261.

About Orthodontists Associates of WNY

Orthodontists Associates of Western New York is proud to offer orthodontic care throughout Buffalo, Lancaster, Olean, Hamburg, Orchard Park, and Dunkirk, New York. With over 60 years of combined experience, our dedicated orthodontists offer a comprehensive range of services and treatments for the whole family. We work to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Contact us today to arrange your free virtual consultation.

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WPO completes its €600,000 bond issue in record time

A new record was set for the financing of energy transition related projects. Launched on 15 January 2020, WPO’s bond issue reached its target in less than 24 hours. The bond issue was met with unprecedented enthusiasm on the crowdlending platform Lendosphere.

A record setting bond issue for the digital energy transition

On 15 January 2020, WPO, a French leading multi-national platform for the management of third-party wind and solar assets in Europe, launched a bond issue open to all, including individuals, to pre-finance a new energy transition model, based on the collection and processing of energy data. This new model, which can reduce the cost of green energy and make its production more reliable, has convinced 466 investors in less than 24 hours.

“We are thrilled to witness such enthusiasm for our digital energy transition project, this is a testimony to the willingness of citizens to be part of the change for a greener future. We know the response to the climate emergency cannot only come from governments, it is also for businesses and citizens to take the lead by proposing and supporting innovative initiatives and solutions.” Barthélémy Rouer, Founder of WPO.

Set at €600 000 the target was met in 23 hours, a record setting success for Lendosphere, France’s leading crowdfunding platform for paid loans dedicated to the energy transition.

“WPO’s business model is different from the other projects on Lendosphere but the ambition of this project appealed to the investors in an unprecedented way. This accomplishment underlines the relevance of our action and the growing interest of the citizens to participate in the energy transition. “ Amaury Blais, President of Lendosphère

An energy transition model based on data

The digitalization of the management of wind and solar farms allows the collection in real time of large amounts of data related to the operation of these infrastructures: electrical data (power, intensity, frequency…), mechanical data (temperature, vibration, noise…), meteorological data (wind speed, atmospheric pressure, radiation, etc.) and others.

Intelligent processing of this data has a threefold advantage:

Reduces costs through the automation of multiple control and management functions
Maximizes green energy production through the early detection and anticipation of anomalies on facilities
Increases Transparency by certifying green energy production and making this data available to the general public, institutions and professionals.

This virtuous cycle benefits both the producer who optimizes its facilities, and the general public who is now able to evaluate and verify the progress of the energy transition through reliable access to live data as it happens in real time.

The bond issue will allow WPO to deploy the most effective means to increase its data portal and enhance its value through artificial intelligence. To do this, private certificates of renewable energy production, called GoCerts , will be created in real time, registered and transferred by a shared electronic registration device (“Distributed Ledger Technology”).

About WPO :
Established in 2008, WPO is a leader in independent asset management and associated specialized services for wind and solar power in Europe. The company oversees 600 production sites in 10 European countries with a capacity of more than 5 gigawatts, i.e. 1700 wind turbines and 12 million photovoltaic modules. Today, WPO contributes to the production of electricity from renewable sources for the equivalent of about two million people, almost the population of intramural Paris. It offers technical, commercial and financial management solutions, and holds among its clients and stakeholders more than 360 companies, including investment funds, insurers, reinsurers, developers, banks, mixed economy companies and independent electricity producers. In a world where energy management is becoming increasingly decentralized and complex, WPO’s main objective is to ensure energy sustainability and create the conditions for greater trust through issuing the first energy production certificates from reliable and traceable renewable sources on the world market. WPO is listed on the Financial Times FT1000 2017 as one of Europe’s 1000 Fastest Growing Companies.

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Real Time Networks Acquires Real Time Location Ltd

December 12, 2019 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Real Time Networks has acquired Real Time Location, Ltd., a leading supplier of people and asset tracking solutions in the UK. Real Time Location was established in 2012 with headquarters located in Barnsley, England., and boast a number of Fortune 1000 clients.

“I am very happy to welcome the Real Time Location team to our organization. This is a very strategic acquisition for us that really deepens the range of services we can offer,” says Michael French, CEO of Real Time Networks, Inc. “We’re looking forward to adding their staff’s knowledge in designing people and asset tracking solutions to our existing expertise.”

He continues, “This is the perfect time for Real Time Networks to expand its presence in the UK and in Europe. Many industries in those markets still rely on legacy security systems that don’t offer a level of control and feedback that businesses require today. So we’re also looking forward to developing those markets further with the support of the Real Time Location team.”

Real Time Location’s Service Portfolio

Real Time Location’s services include full design, installation, and maintenance of wireless asset tracking and a range of people tracking solutions, including:

● Workplace personnel tracking
● Lone worker tracking
● Student tracking
● Underground worker tracking
● Roll call (Mustering) solutions

All of their solutions are highly customizable and powered by either Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or RFID wireless technology. They use these technologies to build cost-effective Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) that are “100% room-level accurate.” They can pinpoint the exact locations of any monitored person or asset in the covered facility, such as a warehouse, academic hall, or underground subway system.

And much like the rest of Real Time Networks’ solutions, Real Time Location’s solutions can be fully managed through a central web dashboard available on authorized PCs and mobile devices.

Acquisition is a Win-Win

Michael French believes this acquisition will benefit all parties. Real Time Networks already has a UK-based sales office located in Linlithgow, Scotland. But with the addition of Real Time Location’s technical and project management staff, the organization will be better-positioned to deliver a whole range of customized physical security solutions to European markets. British and European customers will soon have access to an even larger team of real-time security experts and access to a wider range of well-integrated smart solutions for managing keys, assets, and people.

Having additional expertise in the UK will allow Real Time Networks to better support existing client relationships while they grow their market share in the UK and Europe. They will now be able to provide more sales and customer support, project management, installation and training services for new customers in this new geographic region.

“This acquisition works on many levels. It not only complements the coverage of our existing UK office, it expands our service coverage further into Europe.” Michael French said. “We’re really excited to add Real Time Location’s proven solutions and leadership in the UK RTLS market to our offerings.”

About Real Time Networks

KeyTracer, AssetTracer, and RTNmobile are the premier brands of Real Time Networks, serving over 1,200 customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Real Time Networks is a leading provider of custom safety and security solutions, including indoor positioning systems for keys, assets, and
people. It has earned the reputation of delivering key and asset management solutions backed by industry-leading customer service.

From your initial consultation and gap analysis, to custom installation, to on-site training, all the way to toll-free phone support and on-site support, Real Time Networks keeps you and your
technology running safe, secure, and efficient.

For more information about Real Time Networks, visit www.realtimenetworks.com

For more information about Real Time Location’s solutions, visit the www.realtimelocation.co.uk

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