Fifteen Characteristics of A Successful Stock Trader

Stock trading isn’t for everyone. Some folks can do it, and some can’t. Even among the some who can, not everyone can be successful at it. Sure you may have opened an account with a trusted broker like JustForex or eToro but that won’t guarantee any profits if you don’t have certain characteristics. While there are no hard and fast rules on what makes or doesn’t make a successful stock trader, those Wall Street Wizards you may hear about who made the most in the shortest amount of time, all seem to have certain characteristics in common.

  1. Successful stock traders are able to go against their natural instincts. Being a successful investor require finding the next great method of how to trade stocks in a profitable way.
  2. Successful traders have a system. As simple a system as possible. It doesn’t matter which system you use as long as you stick to it. A Successful trader knows her system and makes trades based ONLY on the system. “The secret to success is consistency of purpose” You need to develop a separate strategy for entering a position and exiting one.
  3. Successful traders are Risk Adverse. Successful traders do not like to lose money and stop themselves before losing too much, even if it means admitting they made a mistake.
  4. Successful traders are willing to make mistakes. Successful traders have what many Native Americans call, “Sovereignty” Sovereignty is the right and ability, not to do the right thing, but to do the wrong thing. Sovereignty is the ability to make your own mistakes.
  5. Successful traders care not embarrassed by taking a loss. Successful traders expect to take losses and know when to cut them.
  6. Successful traders know or learn how to analyze stocks. Many traders only use technical analysis, but you may want to learn to use fundamental analysis as well.
  7. Successful traders led balanced lives. We all know the thrill of the hunt and the market can be addicting, a successful trader is one who knows when to walk away and can.
  8. A successful trader is Patient. A successful trader lets profitably positions run but is able to back out when proven wrong. Patience can mean resilience, courage, and conviction for when markets go against you.
  9. A successful trader has a strong Desire to succeed. Success takes steady work not a haphazard effort, a strong desire to succeed can make all the difference in learning what you need to know and sticking to your strategy when the going get rough.
  10. A successful trader is disciplined. Very disciplined. A successful trader will do what he needs to do, even if he isn’t in the mood. Discipline also means Sticking to your strategy, not suddenly buying or selling on a whim, or because of a” hot tip”
  11. A successful trader knows the difference between defensive and offensive behavior, and when to use each. – Preserve your money first, profit later.
  12. Successful traders don’t listen to rumors or get emotionally involved. To be a successful trader you must be very hard on yourself. You must be able to resist the urge to prove yourself right and be ready to make mistakes. You also need to be able to not let emotions affect your decisions. setting up stop loss points for every decision is something you are going to have to do. That will mean more than occasionally admitting that you were wrong. You and your portfolio will survive, and you will be able to enter the position again when trends indicate the time is right. You are going to have to learn to ignore any emotional ties you have to your stock and make quick stock trends your master. You will miss the lowest entry points and the highest selling points, but you will be able to sleep at night. You will need to learn how to ride the train of the trends and jump off before your profits turn into losses.
  13. A successful trader knows herself. Successful traders must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths and weakness will become very important. Have a plan for dealing with your weakness. Play on your strengths whenever you can.
  14. A successful trader knows her investments. Your investments are almost as important as you are. Know their past and their strengths and weaknesses as well.
  15. A successful trader sticks to the rules. The rules are there for a reason. Nothing can ruin a successful Trader as quickly, or as surely as breaking the rules.

Working Hard Won’t Make You Rich – 4 Simple Ways to Amass Wealth and be Free

There are numerous tips and tricks you can use to help you save more money. However, this often boils down to making sacrifices and working hard. Fortunately, working hard isn’t the only way you can become rich. In fact, self-made millionaires compare building wealth to other things in life, like mastering a second language. Attracting money is a learnable skill, but just like learning a second language, you cannot do it in a single day. Making wealth also takes time.

Tips on How to Amass Wealth Without Leaving Your Couch

While it may seem impossible to most people, you can easily start building wealth without having to get out of your home by making some simple tweaks to your life. Below are some of the ways you can start getting more money without working extra hard.

Ditch that steady paycheck

If you take your time to study some of the wealthiest people in the world, you’ll find out that most of them are self-employed. On the other hand, most ordinary people often settle for steady paychecks. Although this doesn’t mean that there are no wealthy people who rely on a paycheck, this is often the slowest path to becoming rich.

But this doesn’t mean that you should quit your job today. In fact, Daymond John, a self-made millionaire, says that the idea to quit from your current work-place “is garbage.” Instead, you should first start something on the side.

Automate your savings

This simply means that you pay yourself first. You can do this by handling your savings like a bill that you have to pay. Therefore, you have to transfer a certain amount of money from your checking account to your savings account every month.

By automating your savings, you won’t forget to make a payment or be tempted to skimp on your savings because you won’t even be in control of transferring money into your savings account.

Try forex trading

Forex is one of the world’s leading markets, and you can earn more money and get rich as a forex trader. However, keep in mind that trading currencies have some risks, just like any other business. To start making money in foreign exchange, you need money to invest. You make money by buying cheap and selling for more – sounds easy? In practice, it’s not easy, but the potential profits are unlimited. To start trading, you need to link with a forex broker and join a currency platform.

Negotiate your income

Negotiating your monthly salary can be a tricky thing to do. However, if you’re not getting what you’re worth, it may make the difference between living an average life and a wealthy one. After all, one of the main things that will lead you to make more money is how much you’re getting paid today. But before you ask your employer for a raise, first do your homework. Spend some time learning more about negotiation mistakes to avoid and salary negotiation tips.

To Become Rich, You Have to Take Risks and be Prepared to Make Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make important decisions regarding your financial goals. Always remember that having less is riskier than having more. While you may fail at some things, don’t shy away from taking risks. Instead, see it as an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Napag Trading In Different Cities Of The World

Napag has been one of the leading firms known for quality production of its crude oil and petrochemicals. The branches of this organization have been spread across Europe and also in the Middle East. Since 2012, this firm has been known for its petroleum and petrochemical products worldwide. Napag began its work by mining, refining, supplying, and marketing crude oil and many other refined products, including fertilizers, olefins, natural gas, etc. As we are evolving day by day, we are working in the field of petrochemical more and more to yield the maximum amount of products. Our target is primarily the markets where we are allowing to experiment and deliver the best in front of the customers who know the worth of our best services. We are pleased with what we do, and so do our customers. We have worked for several years to maintain our progress and to build trust among our partners, and we have achieved most of our goals!

In Napag Trading, the significant activities accomplished by us highlights the vital aspects of trading, mainly of petrochemical and petroleum products. We are striving day and night to make our services better, and we are determined to improve our services in various sectors. Our expertise includes not only petroleum products but also the transport and logistics areas. We make our efforts to do the best in this field doing collaborating with partners majorly in this department.

The coverage of Napag Group has been extended to provide better services. The extended companies have been established in three major parts of Europe, Britain, and Italy. The UK based company, i.e., Napag Trading Limited, the one in Italy named Napag Italia Srl and lastly the one in United Arab Emirates Napag Middle East FZCO.

United Arab Emirates Napag Middle East FZCO

For almost 12 years, Napag Middle East has been one of the leading firms that are offering the best service and products. It meets the standard of many renowned companies responsible for crude oil and gas production and refining process of the petroleum and petrochemical products. Millions of consumers and partners not only promote our products and services but give positive feedback to enhance our business standards.

Napag Trading Limited United Kingdom

Napag Trading Limited is originated in UAE; however, to expand its branches internationally. It has transformed into a powerful liberated oil and gas trading firm. We deal with crude oil products and offering vital services, including refining, storage, and shipping of petroleum and petrochemical products. Our team working in Britain carefully observe the production and refining processes. It mainly focuses on the regional areas of the UK located on Buckingham Road, reachable to every firm and consumer.

Napag Italia Srl Italy

Napag is working in Italy to expand its business, increasing the quality and efficiency of its service and products. We are trying to strengthen our base in Europe, working with the best team having exceptional expertise and robust connection with its partners. Our team ensures the provision of high-quality services to meet the demands of our clients.

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Andreas Polycarpou: “Algorithmic trading market scales significantly by +11% in the next years.”

Algorithm Trading Service is now an integral part of all industries across different sectors. It is a strategy for executing a large request through computerized exchanging directions. These represent critical factors, for example, time, cost, and volume, to communicate little cuts of the request out to the market after some time. The pre-modified exchanging directions were designed to enable brokers the chances of not having to watch a stock over and over and to avoid sending cuts out physically. Andreas Polycarpou, alongside other experts, has projected the market to have a CAGR of approximately +11% amid an estimated time span 2019-2025.

Will the enormous growth include top key players?
Andreas Polycarpou says, “The huge growth in the algorithmic trading market will include top key players like Citadel, KCG, Optiver US, DRW Trading, Flow Traders. And Hudson River Trading, Jump Trading, RSJ Algorithmic trading service, Spot Trading, Sun Trading, Tradebot Systems, Virtu Financial, and Tower Research Capital. More so, the report on the Global Algorithmic Trading Service stated that regions such as North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa are making great decisions in businesses with a great balance between the existing and upcoming industries.”

How has the Global Algorithmic Trading Service Market scaled in recent years?

“The Global Algorithmic Trading Service Market has scaled over the years with different business sectors, popular frameworks, industry drivers, and manacles. One of the most veritable innovations in recent times is that of Porter’s five force model analysis and advanced profiles of elite industry participants. And in terms of the upcoming years, the Algorithmic Trading Service Market will experience a systematic value chain exploration and huge market growth greater than the one currently experienced across industries.” – Explains Andreas Polycarpou.

How is the Algorithmic Trading Market segmented?
Andreas Polycarpou says, “Algorithmic Trading Market Segmentation is categorized with different parameters. And this includes Algorithmic Trading Market by component, deployment model, application, and key regions.”

“When the Algorithmic Trading Service Segmentation is carried out by component, the subdivisions include – Software, Services, Managed Services, Professional Services (Maintenance, Integration & Consulting). When the deployment model classifies it, the subdivisions include- On-premise, Cloud, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud. When it is categorized in terms of application, the subdivisions include- Equities, Forex, Commodities, and Funds.”

Andreas Polycarpou, concludes “When the Algorithmic Trading Market Segmentation is based on Key Regions, the subdivisions are classified into- Asian-Pacific Countries (APAC), Europe, Latin American, Middle East & Africa (MEA), North America, and India.”

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