Wordvice Celebrates 7 Year Anniversary With Launch of New Website

Celebrating 7 years of online operations, Wordvice—an international proofreading and editing company—has revealed their new English-language website design and content in July 2020. The new website includes a revamped main page, new admissions and academic proofreading services, and a revised automatic price quotation tool, allowing customers to enter their document’s information and delivery time and receive an immediate price quote. The new design was implemented by the Wordvice international internal staff, with guidance from HawkSEM, an SEM digital marketing firm based in New York State, USA.

Since the launch of its online operations in 2013, Wordvice has served over 50,000 clients and revised over 80,000 admissions essays and academic papers. Clients include students applying for college and graduate programs, researchers and professors writing academic manuscripts for publication in journals, business professionals in need of resume editing services, and individual authors who need revision for their blogs and personal essays. Wordvice has also recently become one of the top 3 document editing companies in Asia in terms of order volume, and they were recently mentioned in a article as the best admissions essay editing service among top industry competitors.

With the launch of their new website, Wordvice hopes to attract not only potential clients, but also new freelance editors that wish to join their team of nearly 500 editors. All Wordvice editors have received master’s and/or doctoral degrees and have extensive subject expertise: from the natural and physical sciences, to medicine and business, to the arts and humanities. Experienced freelance editors are encouraged to apply by visiting Wordvice’s Jobs page.

Like most online editing companies, Wordvice editors operate from locations around the world. This allows for quicker revision and more consistent communication between authors and editors. Unlike other editing services, however, Wordvice uses an automated order allocation system that matches orders to the editor with the closest subject expertise in that area. This ensures that clients’ orders are assigned to competent editors, usually within an hour.

To celebrate the launch of its new website, Wordvice is offering special discounts to new academic customers. Discounts include 50% off new orders (up to $50 discount). These discounts won’t last long, so authors looking to receive editing for their documents are encouraged to visit the Wordvice website as soon as possible to take advantage of these discounts.

To learn more about the editing and proofreading services Wordvice provides, visit their website at

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Blue Pages “App” Website for Non-Emergency Directory Service Launches

A new directory service called Blue Pages “App” (Blue Pages),, has launched its website in the UK aimed at providing a one-stop-shop for information about non-emergency services such as charities, government departments and other non-profit making organisations. Under Blue Pages these are called “Member Organisations.”

The aim is to provide an easy and cost effective way for these organisations to publicise what they do and to make it easier for consumers or members of the public to find the information they need as quickly as possible.

The original idea, to which Blue Pages owes its thinking, comes from research into the number of waste calls made to the emergency services 999 number. In the coronavirus pandemic research highlighted that there had been a marked increase in demand by the general public for all kinds of help. Looking further back, specifically at 999 calls, it was found that of the 30 million plus calls made to 999 each year, some 30% were deemed a waste i.e. non-emergency, costing the UK Taxpayer approximately £50 million per year.

The idea has now evolved into a more comprehensive directory service providing member organisations with the ability to list their services whilst taking advantage of features such as Events, Classified Ads (e.g. Jobs) and Articles. There is a range of affordable member subscription options available, including a Free option and £1 per year at the Silver level.

Director, Ray Sherry, of Greenforce (Wales) Limited who has launched the service says, “By chance I came across an article on waste 999 calls. After a bit of research, I found that there wasn’t a single website or app out there that brought all these help services together in one place. Instead people would just call 999 because it was the easiest thing to do. I hope we can influence that over time but for now we just want to make it easier for people to find the right help.”

With more and more people using mobile phones, to access help services, a mobile phone app will follow in a few days. The website initially lists over 200 member organisations and will be launching its marketing campaign on 5 July 2020, to coincide with the NHS’s 72nd Birthday.

Blue Pages App aims to donate at least 25% of its directory income to good causes from Year 4 onwards.

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Plant & Equipment launches new website, as B2B sees spike in online activity due to Covid-19

DUBAI: Plant & Equipment, a leading online marketplace and industry news platform for the construction equipment markets in the Middle East and Africa, has launched a revamped website, with enhanced tools to buy or sell used and new machinery and commercial vehicles online.

It comes as businesses and buyers are increasingly seeking online platforms to continue their trade, with the coronavirus pandemic having caused the postponement of many trade fairs and sales events, where traditionally deals are completed over a handshake.

The pandemic may accelerate the trend towards digital sales platforms for business-to-business (B2B) sellers, which lags behind trends in the consumer space in the Middle East and Africa, says Zayd Kuba, Managing Director of Middle East Strategic Advertising (MESA), the publisher of Plant & Equipment.

“Businesses are looking for online platforms where they can generate not only exposure for their brand but also receive direct enquiries and actually conclude sales,” said Kuba.

Plant & Equipment first launched its website two years ago, and since then traffic has grown rapidly, from just a handful of enquiries each month to now averaging around 300 enquiries per day, with around 120,000 visitors per month. The new website features enhanced paid dealer listings and improved search functionality, so that visitors can search for whatever brand or piece of equipment they want, while sorting by metrics such as price, age, hours or mileage. “Many of our site visitors are buyers looking for specific products, not just generic construction traffic,” he said.

The platform has listings from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as machinery or commercial vehicle dealers and distributors, including Al Tayer Motors, Al-Bahar and Al Naboodah in the UAE.

The website is unique in that it covers such as broad geography, including the GCC, wider Middle East, and Africa, says Kuba. Its top five countries for visitor traffic are – in order of traffic – the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria. Categories with high levels of enquiries include excavators, cranes, wheel loaders, concrete equipment and trucks.

Despite a possible slow down across the construction sector globally due to the pandemic, Kuba believes this will produce new opportunities for sellers and buyers, and may also see renewed focus from international sellers towards buyers in the Middle East and Africa.

“Many of the dealers that sell on our platform are based in the US or Europe. Typically, when the construction industry in the US booms, their rental fleets grow. If the construction business there takes a hit, we expect machinery exports to grow as rental fleets downsize, meaning it will be a good time for contractors in the Middle East or Africa to look for used equipment from the US or Europe.”

Plant & Equipment is also available as a print magazine, published every two months, which is distributed across Middle East and Africa including industry news and in-depth analysis. To date it has published more than 200 editions of the print magazine.

Top countries by visitors to
1. UAE
2. KSA
3. Egypt
4. South Africa
5. Nigeria

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Sovran Reveals New Brand Identity with Redesigned Logo and Website

Sovran formerly SpeechVillage reveals it all new website and service positioning

London UK, February 2020 – Sovran, a leading provider of revolutionary voicebots and chatbots using rapid NLP technology, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website. These changes come at a time when the company is evolving and is ready to present its proprietary and highly advanced enterprise AI solutions to a wider market.

Context“In the last year, Sovran – formerly SpeechVilage, has successfully diversified and scaled its service offerings while broadening our reach into customer experience & employee experience for Enterprise clients,” said Clive Elleforde, CRO of Sovran. “Our new website and brand identity better reflects our innovative technology and unique market strengths and clearly demonstrates the evolution of natural language in AI Voicebots that we are leading.”

The new logo represents a voice wave style curve, picking up the initials A and I. Demonstrating the focus on leadership in Voice AI.

“We have evolved and we needed a new name to better represent the company focus and direction. Now we aim to be a truly global company and no longer limited to a “village”. Sovran is an older spelling of sovereign and is based on our focus to be an acknowledged leader in our sphere. Our technology is advancing at a rapid rate and results are proving that.

The newly redesigned website features easy-to-navigate pages and updated service information while the layout is structured to provide a seamless user experience. The site also better highlights the full impact and potential of our advanced corporate solutions VPA (voice powered assistant) offers.

Our solutions are having a huge positive impact on businesses they are running in. With one client experiencing Net Promoter scores of more than 50% from customers interacting with the voicebot and automation above 81%. Those significant time-savings add up across millions of calls in an industry where time is money.

How do Sovran applications achieve this? The omni-channel, inbound or outbound voice-bots engage customers in a totally unique process. With their unique EAR (Enhanced Audio Recognition™) technology, it makes light work of pauses, filters out background noise and even side conversations and any tuning is deployed instantly. The result is an interaction that engages, eliminates “no matches”, provides accurate speech understanding and responds in natural language.

About Sovran: Sovran is the human voice in the voicebot space. With our proprietary dialogue engine, we develop voicebots that handle millions of inbound and outbound calls. Our solutions work in complex customer service dialogues with the accuracy and speed of prototyping unmatched in the industry. Our enhanced tools deliver unprecedented performances and automations that enhance customer satisfaction across all verticals.

Visit learn more
Media Contact
Clive Elleforde CRO
Tel: 020 7101 4224

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Clinithink Unveils New Brand, Website and Product Suite for 2020

Clinithink, a leading manufacturer of award winning AI solutions for Healthcare and Life Science, has unveiled their much anticipated new brand, website and product suite today.

The newly redesigned logo represents the company’s first brand refresh since being founded in 2009 and, whilst it remains strikingly simple and brilliantly bold, the logo also includes new features that cleverly reflect the company’s dynamic CLiX technology.

Three orange dots pay homage to the previous logo, a flowing connection between ‘t’ and ‘h’ represent the flow of data that CLiX enables, and an orange baseline accent grounds the logo for added strength and gravitas.

The logo concept also sits neatly with Clinithink’s pledge to ‘join the dots’ within every clinical story to inform healthcare’s biggest decisions. And, beyond the logo itself, unique and vibrant imagery, clean architectural design, and a range of bespoke icons, fonts and colourways are all launched today on the company’s website and social media platforms.

“We are so excited about the launch of our new logo, branding strategy and website” said Nicola Grace, SVP Marketing for Clinithink. “We have been working hard to modernise and refresh the look and feel of our company, in line with the dynamic approach we take to the continuous innovation of our technology, and we really wanted one to speak for the other”.

With the renamed product suite too, Clinithink are more accurately reflecting their position as a forward thinking company that offers leading edge approaches to delivering deeper, faster and more accurate data insights – insights that are saving time, money and lives for their users. CLiX is the AI technology at the core of all Clinithink’s five solutions:

CLiX accelerate – AI for patient matching and identification
CLiX focus – AI for phenotyping & rare disease diagnosis
CLiX revenue – AI for healthcare claims management
CLiX unlock – AI for healthcare data analytics
CLiX vision – AI for patient data insights

Chris Tackaberry, CEO of Clinithink, explains: “This new brand launch brings to an end a year of strategic repositioning for us. With a variety of new use cases for our Clinical Natural Language Processing solution we have been able to reach new global markets, new audiences and new partners, and we are delighted that we now have a superb brand style that can really work alongside our best in class solutions. The timing for rebrand seems just perfect.”

For further information about any of the Clinithink products or services, for a closer look at the new brand, or for any other press or PR enquiries, please contact:
Clinithink, New Kings Beam House, 22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD, UK
Tel UK: +44 (0) 292 125 0190
Tel US: +1 978 296 5275

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