£2,210 is Spent in Coffee Shops Every Year

When it comes to our morning caffeine fix, it seems like us Brits are willing to splash the cash to get our teas, coffees and other hot drinks.

Brits spend more than £2,200 every year in coffee shops, according to new research. On average, we visit a coffee shop 152 times over the course of a year (equating to three times per week), with each trip putting a £13.85 dent into our bank account.

The survey of 1,036 Brits, conducted by Research Without Borders, found that the total spend over the course of a year was £2,110.86; equating to 8% of the £27,000 average salary for a UK employee.

The research found that the up-and-coming coffee culture is having an impact on the economy, too. Apparently, deals worth £14.5 billion are confirmed in a coffee shop with the trend reflecting the rise in people opting to use their local coffee shop as a working environment – often referred to as a “coffice”.

Around 21,000 new coffee or hot drink outlets are dotted all over the UK with big-name brands such as Starbucks and Costa having a huge influence on new, budding coffee shops.

80% of those asked in the survey admitted to visiting a coffee shop three times a week and spending an average of £8.52 in the store itself. A further £5.33 is spent on getting transport to and from the store.

The survey also found that four out of five people spend part of the working day actually completing tasks within a coffee shop on a mobile device such as a PC, laptop or mobile devices.

Self-employed individuals were found to spend even more in coffee shops each year with the average spend totalling more than £2,600.

Chris Reilly, Managing Director at MyVoucherCodes commented: “This new research shows the rise of the ‘coffice’ as a place for Brits to work and cut business deals”.

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