Flights to Spain and Italy are Likely to Suffer the Worst Delays

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Numbering in the thousands, Britons taking off on weekend holiday may see delays in flights to some of the most sought after end points in Europe.  Sun worshipers during either school breaks or the Bank Holiday may be late on arrival be it in Rome, Barcelona, or Mallorca.

The United Kingdom’s first flight delay app, airFair, has set off the alarm.  Their predictions are based on flight survey data and other information and are focusing on showcasing the rights of travelers when it comes to compensation for problems.

Specifically, beyond a third of airplanes flying to Spain and Italy will experience delays to those and other southern European desired travel spots.  It is posited that as high as 32% of flights to Milan and 31% of flights to Rhodes could arrive late.  Consumers going to areas a bit closer to their originating locations could also see delays in Paris numbering 22% with Amsterdam at 21%.

airFair’s Managing Director, Steven Bell, said that “A lot of people do not realise that they are entitled to claim compensation for delayed flights and therefore miss out on money that they are rightfully entitled to. Airlines set money aside for paying out compensation, so if passengers don’t claim following a delay then that money just sits there.

“While it is always extremely frustrating when faced with a delayed flight, unfortunately this does happen, so it’s important to be prepared as possible and know your compensation rights. With the airFair app passengers can start their claim process whilst they are still in the airport, simply with their booking reference or flight number.”

Research and reports have evidenced that 95% of travelers who are due delayed flight compensation due just do not claim it.  European Union (EU) rules state that passengers are owed reparations if a flight delay comes in excess of three hours from an airport located in the EU or was going to a member state of the EU.  These reparations are set no matter what the flight cost.  Depending upon the delay time and the length of the flight, customers could be entitled to as high as €600 (around £480).

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