Camping and Traveling in England — a Traveler’s Guide

What is camping and why is it worth visiting England?

Museums, restaurants in London, art galleries, flea markets, squares, clubs and bars are certainly interesting and should be visited and seen in England. But do not forget that Europe abounds with beautiful landscapes, landscapes, buildings, structures, and in general, nature is very beautiful. A favorite holiday of Europeans is camping. For those who don’t know much English, we translate: a campsite is a specially equipped base for autotourists or, simply put, an area for tents, with the help of which you can arrange your rest in nature, and as an entertainment and leisure choose active rest, card games or even non gamstop casinos.


Camping in England – this is a well-protected area, with an area for cars or tents, with toilets, showers, stores and snack bars. In general, here you and the civilization and nature is not far away. In addition, you can fully acquainted with all the sights of England, because, as a rule, camping involves long-term recreation. You will be able to see:


Arguably the most intriguing monument of antiquity the British inherited. England has managed to preserve Stonehenge in pristine condition despite the fact that the complex is 5,000 years old. A virtual tour allows you to examine the monumental boulders in detail and learn the most interesting facts about the structure. Particularly attentive ones may feel the amazing energy of the place and comprehend its sacred meaning.


The scale of this steel structure, created by modern sculptor Anthony Gormley, is astounding even through a laptop screen, because it is the largest angel sculpture in the world. The 20-meter-high statue is set on a small hill in the green space of the city of Gateshead in the northeast of the country. The total weight of the Angel of the North is greater than that of the American Statue of Liberty, and together with the concrete foundation is 208 tons.


A unique monument of Roman culture in Bath is a national treasure of Great Britain. Today the ancient bathing complex, preserved in its original form, has been turned into a museum. Centuries have passed, people have changed, and the old baths are still filled with thermal water from an underground spring. A virtual tour will give you a detailed look at the structure, which was built in the 1st century AD, and other museum displays with miniature models, the original floor heating system, crockery, women’s jewelry, coins and other interesting exhibits.

Where to stay?

Let’s return to our camping: it is worth knowing that not everywhere is allowed to put up a tent. There are special camping sites equipped specifically for living in nature. Prices for such resorts can be found on the Internet. Here are just some of the most popular among Englishmen – Soglglot Yele Rgat, Za Mepaye! Such bases are usually located quite far from big cities, although in London there are several special sites that are not far from the city center itself.
In addition to such bases, you can ask to stay with the owners of any farm. The territory of a farm is big enough and if you are allowed to rent a part of the farm land then there will be silence and clean air and fresh eggs (though you should agree with the owner about the purchase of eggs beforehand).

Camping prices

Now for the prices, on private land (from the same farmer) it costs from £5 for a night in a tent, and if you want to rent a whole farmhouse with chicken coop or a villa, you’ll spend from £100 per house. The campsites will cost a little more – £320 a week – but they will offer you a tent or room to rent, breakfast, maybe even dinner, and Internet access so you can play bingo sites not on gamstop when you’re not travelling. Don’t think that you need a tent for camping accommodation, we can easily accommodate you in a trailer, or in a car, or in the campground where
small housing containers, and for a modest fee you can stay there without any problems.
Well, if camping is all about the tent for you, you can rent a two- or four-man tent, and you pay per container, tent or person.

What is the appeal of camping?

What attracts intourists and locals to such a vacation? Well, most importantly, it is unity with the nature, songs on a guitar around a fire (it is possible to arrange Grushinsky festival abroad), a lot of new friends. Besides all this, many people are attracted by prices. The cost of living in camping is much lower than in a hotel, and if you consider the fact that some bases are located near residential areas, it is generally a fairy tale! Tents are put at a considerable distance from each other, so that one company does not interfere with the other, and the number of fans of recreation in nature is not so great.

Well, to definitely get you interested in living in nature is the absence of mosquitoes. “No, it can’t be,” you say. “Maybe, maybe,” we answer. There are virtually no bloodsucking critters in Europe, you’ll sleep sweetly all night in nature. So you have to choose between stuffy and noisy cities, but with their beauties, or silence, cleanliness and tranquility in the same England.

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