Brits Will Spend 18 Months of Their Life Trying to Decide What to Eat

When it comes to making decisions, it seems like us Brits aren’t good – or quick – about them. In fact, a recent study by Giraffe World Kitchen found that on average, we spend more than a year and a half of our entire lifetime deciding where to eat. With such a wide range of restaurants popping up all over the country, we’re not surprised!

Along with the fact that Brits spend approximately 35 minutes each day deciding on what they want to eat,  the average adult will also spend an average of 46 minutes every month looking at online menus. However, despite the amount of time we spend searching, only 28% percent of those asked in the survey said that they enjoy the anticipation of choosing a meal.

It seems like we’re sharing our love for making food decision with friends, too. A whopping 68% of those asked said that they see the conversation surrounding food as a staple part of eating out with friends.

We spend almost nine minutes looking a menu when we get to a food venue or restaurant (despite the fact that we’ve probably already looked online!), as well as talking about what we want to eat with our dining friends.

However, the average Brit will still change their mind twice before settling on what to order!

A spokesman for Giraffe World Kitchen commented:

“Food is a big part of our lives and as a nation our love affair with world food is growing and growing. It appears we are spending more of our time thinking about food, choosing where we are going to eat and simply what meal we are going to have. At Giraffe World Kitchen we have a passion for world food and love the discussion and decisions – whether it’s between a dish from Turkey or Taiwan, Vietnam or the Punjab!

“Our passion is exploring the world to discover new flavours and bring them back to share with people. We have a complex process to decide which of the dishes we’ve discovered will make it onto our menus so we understand, and want to help people choose their perfect dish from our new menu!”


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