Seth Aaron Collection – The First 3D Printed Designer Shoe Runway Collection

Two-time Project Runway winner Seth Aaron is collaborating with Feetz to launch the world’s first 3D printed designer shoe line at FashioNXT Week on Oct 13th.

Seth Aaron’s spring/summer 2018 runway collection is Asian inspired. His 3D printed shoe line takes its inspiration from the traditional Japanese block sandal, with a contemporary interpretation made possible by the fusion of fashion and technology.

Feetz is the first company to use sustainable 3D printing and mobile technology to create completely customized shoes. Founder and CEO, Lucy Beard said, “Seth Aaron’s creative design vision will explore the reach of 3D printing in fashion, enabling him to produce what only could have been imagined. That vision will be translated into ready-to-wear, customized for each customer’s unique needs.”

Beard added, “FashioNXT is the leader in creating collaborations of fashion and technology on and off the runway. FashioNXT Week is where world experiences the innovations at the intersection of fashion and technology. For Feetz, a leader in fashion and technology, it is the place to be.
Seth Aaron said, “There are three things that make this collaboration special”.

First, whatever I can design, they can create. We go from concept to the runway in less than 8 weeks, while fashion design traditionally leads the market by 12 to 18 months.

Second, they are sustainable. As the father of two children, I care about the world we leave them. The shoes are made from recycled and recyclable products. At the end of their life, we don’t toss them into a landfill, we make them into new shoes.

Third, we are bringing fashion manufacturing home. These designs and the customers who buy them will create high paying jobs in America.

Each October, FashioNXT shines a world spotlight on Portland, a bellwether in fashion and technology. The four-day event FashioNXT Week showcases local, national and international fashion designers and puts fashion forward technology center stage with engagements from wearable computing to global technology leader Intel.

FashioNXT founder and CEO, Tito Chowdhury said, “So much of what has been done in 3d printed fashion is like art, to be appreciated, but not lived. This innovative collaboration redefines the relationship between technology and fashion. People will wear the shoes, not because of the technology, but because they are fashionable.”

Seth Aaron will be joined by Feetz at FashioNXT Week, where guests will be able to walk away wearing the 3D printed shoes or have shoes custom fit and delivered by Feetz: The Digital Cobbler. This collaboration delivers the promise of tomorrow today – at FashioNXT.

Disposable fashion is tough on the environment. Textiles rank among the ten-top water consuming industries – when the shortage of potable water is one of the world’s most critical issues. Disposable fashion fills landfills. The clothes we wear on our backs and the shoes on our feet were outsourced, taking manufacturing jobs to other countries. Feetz’ 3D printed shoes use no water and at the end of their useful life can be recycled into new shoes. FashioNXT, Feetz and Seth Aaron are bringing family wage jobs home and creating sustainable fashion.

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