Sian Ellingworth’s mission is to make teeth cleaning fun and improve our children’s oral health

Sian Ellingworth, founder and MD of Buddies has conceived a new brushing system that appeals to children who dislike conventional toothpaste flavours. It is aimed at children aged between 2 and 5, although a smear of paste on a brush is great for those first couple of teeth. And for parents who struggle with the tooth cleaning routine.

The British Society of Paediatric Dentists reports a quarter of 5-year olds in the UK have dental decay. There is concern that parents may think baby teeth do not matter as they will fall out to make way for permanent teeth. They recommend a list of actions for parents including brushing baby teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. (BBC Breakfast 22.09.17)

Sian’s first child absolutely hated mint and, after trying various alternatives including expensive flavours imported from America, she decided to develop her own fluoride toothpaste. Sian’s research indicated that 15% of parents questioned had similar issues. The result was the development of Buddies toothpaste, in two flavours: a buttery, slightly minty flavour, Hint of Mint, and zingy apple flavour, Apple Fresh.

This resolved the problem of taste but not the mess that can result at bedtime! Sian then designed an imaginative pump dispenser for Buddies that can be used with any toothbrush, delivering exactly the right amount of paste to the brush.


Entrepreneur, Sian Ellingworth has also conceived and manufactured the innovative Buddies toothbrush, a rechargeable electric toothbrush for children. The Buddies electric toothbrush has a very mild, vibrating, sensation in the mouth for 2-minutes, the recommended brush time. Some children find an electric toothbrush vibration or rotation too harsh so this provides a gentle, stepping stone to the grown-up world.

Designed for use with a Buddies toothpaste cartridge, a single press of the collar dispenses exactly the right amount of toothpaste directly onto the bristles. No more mess, one hopes, when your independent toddler does it alone!

To engage children and help them to enjoy brushing teeth, the Buddies toothbrush charger is also a nightlight which can be personalised with stickers to assume a Buddies character.
Sian Ellingworth says, “My mission is to improve a child’s experience of brushing their teeth. I want them to find it enjoyable and fun, as it encourages adherence to a routine, which in turn improves oral health.

A tube of Buddies Toothpaste last 3 months. which equates to £20 a year. Not a huge outlay for a child’s oral health.“

Sian continues, “From my own experience, I know how hard it can be to persuade your child to brush their teeth if they hate the taste of mint. I hope that our toothpaste flavours and Buddies characters will help little ones enjoy, and maintain, a tooth brushing routine.”
Buddies toothpaste and Buddies electric brushes are available from a wide range of dentists across the UK or online at:
Notes for Editors:
The Buddies Toothpaste USPs:
• Formulated especially for kids that dislike conventional flavours, the toothpaste launched on Amazon in February 2016.
• Currently crowdfunding to enable production of the Buddies Apple Fresh tooth brush and the Secret Formula Toothpaste
• Also, suitable for those on the autism spectrum, with special needs and some in care homes. There has been interest from care homes, special needs groups and NHS Trusts.
• Engaging: Character lids make teeth cleaning fun.
• No Nasties such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate and certain sweeteners!
• Safe: Contains1450ppm fluoride to protect children’s teeth.
• Two flavours: Hint of Mint – buttery slightly minty flavour. Apple Fresh – a zingy taste for those who don’t like mint.
• On its way: our new secret formula toothpaste!
• Made in Watford by a company that specialises in making toothpaste for babies…
• Pump dispenser: one press delivers just the right amount of paste. Can be used with any toothbrush.
• Sizes & prices:
– Pump dispenser: 100ml RRP £4.99 / Pack of 2x 100ml RRP £8.99
lasts for 3 months (used twice per day)
– Cartridges: designed for the Buddies Electric Toothbrush.
6-month pack of 14 x 15ml cartridges RRP £13.99

The Buddies Electric Toothbrush;
• Launched April 2017.
• Designed in the UK by award winning product design group, Innovate, Buddies is one of the first rechargeable electric toothbrushes, available in the UK, for children under 5 that dispenses exactly the right amount of paste to the bristles.
• The cartridge of paste sits in the handle and pressing down the collar automatically delivers just the right amount of paste to the bristles.
• Fun: the charger is a night light which can be personalised with stickers to engage little people.
• Pack contains toothbrush, charger and 6-week supply of cartridges RRP £34.99
2 x replacement heads RRP £4.99; 6-month pack of cartridges RRP £23.99

Availability. Buddies toothpastes and electric toothbrushes are available online at:
Also available through dentists nationwide. Distributed by CTS Dental Supplies, the No.1 supplier of oral hygiene products to UK dentists.

About Sian Ellingworth BSc; MCIPS:
The twice-daily struggle to clean her first child’s teeth inspired Sian to create Buddies. It had left her at a loss. Whatever she tried, he hated the routine. He refused the strong-flavoured toothpastes available and Sian resorted to buying a range of flavoured paste from the USA, which wasn’t ideal and proved expensive.

There seemed to be a gap in the market and, after undertaking some research, Sian discovered 15% of respondents struggled with the same problem. Furthermore, they were confused about how much toothpaste should be used. A ‘pea-sized’ amount is not a good indicator.

Sian’s mission was to create a fun, safe, easy-to-use and mess-free electric toothbrush with appealing toothpaste flavours that would encourage children to enjoy the teeth cleaning routine and reassure parents that their children’s teeth were well cleaned.

Sian Ellingworth entered university as a dental undergraduate, transferring in her second yea and graduating with a degree in biochemistry. She has since built a remarkable career as a CIPS-qualified purchasing professional delivering significant benefits via careful observance, curiosity and successful leadership within the multi-national FMCG and food service businesses.
Sian’s career includes:
• Production Graduate with United Biscuits: initially in manufacturing, gaining an invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. Responsible for running the ingredient preparation area for a pizza factory, she delivered a project in her first year that saved three times her salary.
• Purchasing at United Biscuits: from packaging to indirects and co-manufactured products. As Senior Commodity Buyer for European Purchasing, Sian was responsible for buying edible oils, fats and cocoa, a portfolio worth £70m. She delivered savings in excess of £6m and implemented a global procurement programme that secured improved quality palm oil at no extra cost.
• Commodity Manager at Fisher Group responsible for the Vegetables division.
• European Purchasing function of HJ Heinz including:
European Purchasing Manager Dairy, Oils and Cocoa Head of Purchasing for the Heinz Frozen & Chilled business, on the board of the Frozen & Chilled business
Head of Purchasing for Heinz UK and Ireland
• Supply Chain Services Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland
• Commercial Director for Healthcare and Education, Compass Group UK & Ireland
• Procurement Consultant, managing a range of projects, such as leading the supply chain element of a major project for Danone, later accepting the challenge of managing the whole project. Now Client Director at Procure4, Sian leads projects for a variety of well-known businesses
Outside of work, Sian is busy as a Mum to two young boys and enjoys Pilates, running and healthy cooking.
Sian’s natural dynamism, ethos and drive coupled with her wide range of experiences have coalesced to provide her with the skills and knowledge to successfully develop the Buddies range.

Twitter: @buddiesforteeth Face Book: BuddiesToothpaste
Website. Instagram: buddies_toothpaste

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