Dating expert says technology is making us a nation of “disposable daters”

Half of all singletons have NEVER asked someone out face to face, according to research.

A study of 1,500 single adults revealed as the majority of dating takes place on social media, traditional dating methods have fallen by the wayside.

Two thirds of people have never used a chat up line on someone they fancy, while a staggering 67 per cent have never written a love letter.

And even of those who have ended a relationship, 46 per cent have never dumped anyone in person.

The research commissioned by Grace Say Aloe – the brand behind the popular aloe vera drink – also shows nine in ten have never considered serenading a potential love interest and almost three quarters have never asked a stranger out for a drink.

Dating expert Nadia Essex said: “Let’s be honest, if you ask single people today most will say they think dating has gotten harder in recent years.

“Some would say internet dating has a part to play. We are becoming a nation of disposable daters where we judge everything based on a picture and chatting for hours online is considered being sociable.

“Technology has definitely helped make dating faster but I’m a big believer that dating and relationships should be a marathon not a sprint.”

The study also found almost half of singletons think people have forgotten how to date in real life, now meeting people has become so accessible online.

Only three in ten still use the traditional method of chatting someone up in a bar and just 40 per cent would know how to approach a potential love interest to ask if they’d like a drink.

When it comes to actual dating, 44 per cent said the days of going out for a dinner and movie have now been replaced with newer, more exciting activities.

And 73 per cent of people said it is no longer acceptable for the man to take charge of the date – with 41 per cent saying this is an archaic form of romance.

Eight in ten agreed the process of setting up another meeting is down to both parties, rather than the man, as dictated by typical courtship rules.

These days, one in ten would think nothing of dating several people at a time, while one in five single prefer dating online to meeting in an everyday situation.

When asked why dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Happn have such appeal, 47 per cent admitted they like the idea of getting to know someone a little bit before meeting and 43 per cent find the whole thing a little less embarrassing.

Dating apps also allow one in four respondents to feel more comfortable and be themselves, while three in ten don’t have to worry so much about what they are saying.

Nadia Essex added: “I spend most of my live coaching sessions re teaching people how to flirt and socialise in real life.

“Dating opportunities are all around us and if you see a hot guy or girl in the local cafe, on the tube, in the supermarket, the best and easiest tip to initiate contact is to ask for a favour.

”Please can I borrow your sugar, can you reach the top shelf, can you tell me if this tube goes to…

“If the connection is mutual they will strike a natural conversation and you will know they are interested back.

“Your soulmate is out there. Never settle, never give up hope and remember you have to feel good about yourself single otherwise you will always attract unsuitables because that’s what you feel you deserve. Confidence is key.”

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