Capture The Story Of Your Life with Recordalife

The solution for anyone who has wanted to tell the story of their life, or capture the story of loved ones, but has neither the time, ability nor knowledge to do so.

New for Christmas 2017, Recordalife allows one to tell their life story which is then professionally produced as high quality full colour hard-back books, e-books and audio CD.

Many people wish to write their memoir or autobiography, or write the one of close family members, but either never get round to it or find it prohibitively difficult, costly and time-consuming. We’ve all heard loved ones telling amazing anecdotes about their lives that we’d love to capture, but ironically day to day life gets in the way of actually doing it.

Recordalife is the innovative, affordable and professional solution and, like no other, produces professional books and audio CDs and MP3 versions of the actual subject speaking in an interview, allowing future generations to not only read these Life Stories but also hear them in the author’s own voice.


On ordering Recordalife, a beautifully presented Welcome Pack arrives by courier within 3 days (in the UK, a little longer for the rest of the world). These Welcome Packs contain a Gift Certificate and Welcome Guide, which includes full, easy to use, instructions.

The next step is to arrange a phone or Skype interview with one of our friendly, experienced ‘Life Recorders’ for an informal, guided, interview using our unique interview system. This is offered in multiple languages so people can speak in their own, natural tongue. The storyteller is encouraged to include as much information as they’d like their family and future generations to hear.

Allowing time for any necessary edits and professional proofreading, one should expect delivery of the Life Story Pack within a few weeks. This arrives in an attractive presentation box containing a high quality hard-back book telling the author’s unique story, using cherished personal photographs with audio recordings of the author’s voice.

Who are we?
We are a group of oral historians specialising in the stories of everyone. Using our years of oral and social history experience, we have developed a unique interview system to find out more about our clients and their experiences. We believe it is important for younger generations to not only read about their elders’ life experiences but hear the voice behind these stories too. The Recordalife team is committed to complete confidentiality.

“I lost my mother when I was a child and saw the remarkable life my father had as an exile from fascism in Europe and bringing up his children on his own. I never got my mother’s story in her own words, but I was determined to get that of my father. Since then, I have come across many remarkable people, from all walks of life, who have amazing personal histories and stories to tell. I also wanted to capture the essence of their character through their voice as well as printing their words. And for those stories to never be forgotten by their loved ones and future generations. And so Recordalife was born.”
Recordalife MD, Mike Tapia. Mike is a member of the British Oral History Society.

Recordalife packages start at £379 and full details can be found at:

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