Successful Remote Desktop Company Opens Operations in North America

# 1 in Japan, ISL Online looks to gain market share in the US and Canada with team of industry veterans

Ljubljana, Slovenia – ISL Online, creators of remote support, access and helpdesk software used by helpdesks, IT departments and technology service providers in over 100 countries, has formally opened operations in North America. The 16-year-old company, headquarted in Slovenia, is a pioneer in the remote desktop industry, providing software that allows users to access and support computers and mobile devices from afar. Currently, ISL Online is sold through a network of authorized partners in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, but opening a location in the largest market in the world, North America, was a long-time goal for CEO, Jure Pompe.

Jure Pompe

Opening a location in North America has been a company goal since we launched our first product in 2003. We are excited to have a team on the ground in North Carolina that will serve businesses and schools in the US and Canada,” said Pompe.

ISL Online is the leading remote desktop product in Japan and has a significant market share in Europe, but entering the market in the US and Canada is different. So, the company has tapped 23-year software industry veteran, Luke Walling, as their North American GM. Walling plans to largely grow the company online, backed by sales and operational teams to support clients.

ISL Online is a great remote support and service tool for small businesses with just a few people up to Fortune 500 companies with massive helpdesk organizations. It’s affordable and it just works. We knew that if we were serious about making a play in North America, we had to have a presence in-market.” Walling said.

To do this, the company formed a team in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, where Walling is based, comprised of other software industry veterans in the fall of 2016. Since then, the team has been testing the market and learning how to position ISL Online against industry leaders.

“We learned quickly that we needed to offer more flexible subscription options and even change the way we talk about the product,” Walling said. “We needed to package the software in a way that makes sense in this competitive market.”

To this end, ISL Online offers a variety of subscription models and hosting options, including cloud and self-hosted platforms, to provide solutions for businesses of all sizes.

“We’re the only remote desktop provider in the market who offers a plan that allows unlimited installs and unlimited concurrent sessions,” said Pompe. “This unique offering makes us attractive especially to large companies or helpdesk organizations that demand flexibility.”

The company is now actively marketing ISL Online at events and through their inside sales team. To learn more about ISL Online North America, visit: or call 877.475.6654.

About ISL Online
ISL Online is a pioneer in the remote desktop support industry. Since 2003, ISL Online has been providing remote control software to IT professionals and helpdesk technicians in more than 100 countries, notably owning market share in Japan. Delivered via cloud or on-premises, ISL Online allows users to access and control Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as mobile devices to provide ad hoc technical support and remote management. ISL Online is developed by XLAB, a software development company headquartered in Europe, with offices in Slovenia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Visit ISL Online at

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