The Best Flowers Are Not Real

Demmerys is the leading producer of the finest silk and artificial flowers imaginable. The new Demmerys website has launched with the most impressive collection of beautiful flowers being made available exclusively for you.

The founder of Demmerys, Sharon Demmery has a question for you.
How do you feel when you are told you have bought something and it is a fake?

It is not good to have been cheated and you feel pretty upset to the point of angry. There are some things in life where being real is not as good as being fake, and Demmerys know all about it. Real is what everyone wants, no one wants a fake. Or do they?

There are times when only the real thing will do, a diamond ring, a Rolls Royce car or a pair of Adidas football boots. Some things do not really matter as they are brand-less, bread is bread and eggs are eggs to a degree. However, there is one thing where being fake can be more valuable, more enjoyable and more beautiful than being real. That one thing is flowers, especially exclusive flowers from Demmerys.

Let us take a step back first because there is a distinction between the kind of flowers we are talking about and the kind you are thinking of. There are complete failures, absolute duds that look about a flowerlike as a cardboard box those are not what we are talking about. There are some fake flowers that have no intention of looking real but are worth more because of where they come from, take the flowers your 7 year old makes for mother’s day at school. We appreciate the value and importance of these flowers, the paper roses are priceless but they are not quite the fake flowers we are talking about.

The manmade flowers, the fakes, we are talking about there are the ones that have some magic in them making them unmistakable. The flowers are totally adorable and so stunning but not everyone truly understands this fact. The flowers in question are the ones that you will find only from Demmerys, exclusive, lifelike and truly remarkable. These are artificial flowers where the word “artificial” becomes an insult as they are so special and so lifelike.

With the flowers that can be seen on you will not instantly realise the orchids, roses, grasses and lilies are fake. However there is a fake-ness because we are telling you. However, the fake you see is not a fake that makes you screw up your face, the fake you see is the fake you want. Demmerys is proud to make authentic fake flowers; if that is not a contradiction in terms I don’t know what is.

The flowers are fakes that bring joy, happiness and contentment to anyone who owns or just comes into contact with them. These are flowers that are made to make people happy, fill spaces with delight and draw the eye to or from a point. The flowers found on the new Demmerys website are beautiful beyond compare, so lifelike that nature has to think twice and yet they are so functional and practical. With Demmerys the best flowers are fake flowers.

To turn flowers into something more than flowers Demmerys has put effort into the production of the best flowers. The fake-ness of the flowers falls away and the quality and realism of the plants comes to life. The quality of the flowers defies what one expects from artificial flowers, the first thing they think of is fake. Demmerys have risen above perception and the website shows just some of the amazing plants and flowers on offer.

Exclusivity is the key to making a Demmerys floral arrangement what it is. Each arrangement, from simple grass in a vase to ornate orchids that look like something from a dream, is handmade. No two arrangements are identical as the flowers are made to represent their living counterpart in nature. A flower arrangement from Demmerys is something you will cherish and whilst arrangements are similar, none will be the same. Mass manufactured flowers cannot come close to the quality of the flowers Demmerys has to offer and people will queue up for these fakes.

To own a Demmerys is becoming something people boast about. The luxury and designer collections are some of the most superior looking flowers one can find online anywhere. Like every flower or plant made by the best flower makers in the UK, these luxury arrangements are made from the best materials. The arrangements in the luxury and designer collections stand out because of size and the how the flowers are arranged.

The Demmerys website has many examples of luxury flowers, these are by far the most valuable fake items you could possibly wish to own. Set in amazing planters that include silver bowls, copper champagne coolers or handmade glass vases the displays are certain to draw attention. These luxury and designer arrangements are masterpieces of floral décor and for their owners become almost priceless.

The range of flowers from Demmerys is extremely diverse. The flowers are perhaps the biggest collection of authentic fakes anywhere on the internet and it is quite an achievement. There are flowers that look superb for smaller homes, small arrangements of lavender that can add some joy to a bathroom or kitchen. There are centrepieces, perfect for large dining room settings, boardrooms or ceremonies such as weddings.

The website has flowers and plants that are for hire or for purchase for commercial use. The same quality applies to commercial fake plants as it does for those for homes or boardrooms. Why should something be less beautiful or of a lesser quality just because it ends up in a factory, an office corridor or in an corner to hide and unsightly mess?

Demmerys produce fake flowers that are made to be loved and enjoyed and the wide range that can be found on the website demonstrates this. From the brightest tropical and exotic arrangements to naturally refreshing but far from dull grasses, there is something for everyone and every purpose. Many of the arrangements are one off arrangements, others are produced in larger batches but never identical and each arrangement is handmade. The Demmerys promise is that the only the very best arrangements will ever be sold and that means that only the best can be made.

The Demmerys flowers may well be fake but just one glance at the website will show that they are the very best fakes you could wish for. A fake flower made to the exacting standards that Demmerys insists on ensures that the product is a Demmerys original. The flowers are long lasting thanks to the high quality materials they are made from and the quality controls put in place to ensure each arrangement is better than the best.

So back to the original question Sharon posed. What does is feel like when you are told what you have bought is a fake?
With Demmerys, you should feel over the moon. You make have purchased fake flowers but you have purchased a Demmerys original. With flowers and floral décor from Demmerys you own an authentic fake not a rip off. In these arrangements you are buying a thing of beauty, a work of art and something you will treasure or find immense value in for many years to come. Of course there is a full money back guarantee on the products available on the website and this just gives you added peace of mind.

So go on, buy yourself the best flowers you can buy, buy something fake, buy a Demmerys and be happy for many, many years to come!

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