PM Connect provide ‘Customer-Centric’ Mobile Apps & Content Solutions for Customers around the World

Since 2008, PM Connect’s ever-growing range of mobile app solutions has covered a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle niches. They are available directly to subscribers in over twelve countries, utilising multiple browsers across many mobile phone networks. App subscribers can view a large selection of interactive and engaging content.

Mobile apps, easy to enjoy tailored content
PM Connect’s diversity of entertainment and lifestyle apps provide subscribers with a rich content experience (articles, games, images, sound files, video clips, etc.) customised to the theme of each app. Customer-centricity is all-important in the app and content design, with customer feedback and input, sought continuously to improve the quality of the offering.

Subscribing is easy and just takes a few clicks, with payment being made at agreed intervals directly through the subscriber’s mobile billing plan. Where required, live 24/7 multi-lingual live agent support is available to support each app. Subscriptions can easily be opted out at any time by text or by phone, giving subscribers full control over their package.

The apps are intuitive and easy to use, functionality naturally varies from app to app, but includes (as examples) search, store favourites, downloads (e.g. images, ringtones, etc.) and much more. To provide the best user-experience apps are designed for all popular mobile browsers including Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari.

Apps from PM Connect
The list of mobile apps provided by PM Connect continues to expand but includes:
• Bounce Games – An app devoted to games, all of which are free to subscribers and require no downloads, the library of games is frequently updated with new titles
• iFitness – An app devoted to improving the fitness of subscribers. Fitness goals are set/monitored, and helpful advice is given within the app to improve fitness levels
• Love Food – For food and drink enthusiasts this is a “go to” app. Food bloggers from around the world bring their recipes
• WWE Mobile Content Club –Designed to attract new fans to WWE, this app features video clips, superstar wallpapers, ringtones and more

PM Connect creates and markets its own apps (e.g. Bounce Games) and partners with premium third-party brands (e.g. WWE) to re-package and distribute their content to a new wider audience, frequently in new territories.

About PM Connect
PM Connect is an award-winning, innovative and enterprising leader in Mobile Apps and content creation, marketing and distribution. Established in Birmingham, UK in 2008, PM Connect has an impressive track record in providing cutting-edge HTML5 software solutions specifically aimed at the consumer mobile lifestyle and entertainment apps market.

PM Connect currently operates in over twelve countries with the emphasis being placed on Europe, MENA and APAC regions. Plans are in place to trade in additional countries in the future.

Please direct any media enquiries relating to this press release to the email address in the section below. PM Connect will endeavour to reply to all emails ASAP.

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