Record breaking indie band take on Ed Sheehan, Spotify & entire music industry with new LP


Independent music pioneers, The Pocket Gods are set to release a new album that features one hundred brand new songs that each come in at thirty seconds long.

‘100 X 30 The Future Of Music’ was recorded over the Summer and is the follow up to their recent long player ‘The Jesus And Main Chain’. The fourth release in the bands series of ground and record breaking albums, the new album is probably their finest, funniest and most scathing collection of songs about the music business to date.

Led by Mark Christopher Lee, The Pocket Gods are set to deliver a new album the sees them return to a favourite and recuring theme of theirs, – the music business and in particular what the future holds for the industry. Lee simply reinvents the pop song into a thirty second format with short catchy tunes ideal for the Youtube and Spotify generation who are constantly skipping and searching for new music after less than half a minute.

No one and nothing is safe as the band attack the music business and it’s sleazy casting couch culture in ‘Perverts Of The Music Industry’ together with online ticketing rip offs with ‘Ticket Master & Servant’ and ‘Stub Hub (Profits In Paradise)’. They also target musical luminaries; ‘I Wanna Be The New Ed Sheehan’, ‘Why Does Adele Always Sing So Sharp’, ‘Liam Gallagher is Jealous Of My Clever Turn Of Phrase’, ‘Bit Sceptical About Skepta’ and ‘A Facist Smith’, which is dedicated to Morrissey.
They also sing about the new world order of streaming and playlists with songs called ‘Who Do I Have To Sleep With To Get On This Spotify Playlist, ‘Tastemaker’ and ‘Plugger Mugger’.

The idea behind ‘100 X 30 The Future Of Music’ is that streaming services such as Spotify pay out a very small royalty to artists once a song reaches the thirty seconds mark and then no more. The Pocket Gods angle is why give them longer for free? Why not as an artist adapt the songwriting form to the media of today. Mark Christopher Lee was inspired by US Music Professor Dr. Mike Errico who questioned why songwriters were still writing three minute pop songs as this length was partly inspired by the duration you could get on a side of seven inch vinyl. Previous ‘100 X 30’ albums have picked up coverage in Billboard, Forbes, Wall St Journal and ITV News as well as extensive radio play including the Recommended Album Of The Month on Steve Lamacq’s BBC6 Music show.

Originally discovered by the late John Peel in 1998, The Pocket Gods have since been championed by the likes of Tom Robinson and Huw Stephens and all three previous ‘100 X 30’ albums are featured in this year’s Guinness Book Of Records.

The band are set to announce a handful of live dates to coincide with the release of the new album in the very near future.

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