Clonaleur’s Technology Solution Revolutionises Music Niche Websites

Clonaleur, a technology solutions provider of digital marketing software, has revealed its latest innovative collaboration with music niche websites: Fresh Flow Nation, Top Pop Tracks, and Beats-Rhymes-Lists.

These websites can now furnish music fans with comprehensive information about the most popular artists, songs, and genres, as well as featuring in-depth analysis of song lyrics to expose the hidden meanings and messages behind the music.

“We are excited to provide the technology solution that enables these music sites to provide quality, insightful content for their audiences,” said Andy Mac, CEO of Clonaleur. “We believe that they will be a valuable resource for music fans of all ages.”
Fresh Flow Nation ( has a focus on rock music. With Clonaleur’s Industry Insights data solution, the site conveys the popularity of rock artists and songs, along with featured articles and insights into meaning of the lyrics in songs.
Top Pop Tracks ( has a focus on pop music, and since it covers the most popular music of the moment, it delivers real-time rankings for the songs that are breaking ground right now.
Beats, Rhymes and Lists ( has a focus on hip hop and rap music. Historically this site has provided subjective rankings that would cause significant debate. However, this now marks a shift of also providing objective data that’s not open to debate as Clonaleur’s solution provides empirical streaming data.
Clonaleur provides these websites with quantative data that enhances the content for their audiences, providing music fans with the best possible experience. The company’s collaboration with music niche websites demonstrates it’s versatility in various industries to offer a wealth of data and insights that helps drive distinctive content that resonates and breaks outside of the mould.