NOW LIVE! ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH EP’ – Stream ‘Soundtrack 1’ Video: “Silent unknown – LOW” on YouTube

The debut EP ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’ by ‘Silent unknown’ is now gracing the airwaves, positioned as a trailblazing piece for our times. Accompanied by the official video for ‘Soundtrack 1’, titled “LOW”, the project sees ‘Silent unknown’ challenging societal norms and embarking on a unique journey, embodying sheer courage. “if you don’t stand up for what you believe in, What are you living for?” -Silent unknown.

A London-based talent, ‘Silent unknown’ found his true calling in ‘JESUS CHRIST’ after exploring various life avenues. His latest offering takes worship to a novel dimension, with ‘Silent unknown’ personally steering the project’s branding, production, publication, distribution, and editing, setting a new precedent in the music industry. His pursuit of artistic independence reflects his intelligence, marking him as a trailblazing Congolese British national.

The EP presents seven songs, spanning approximately 21 minutes, and will be followed by two music videos on YouTube, including ‘Soundtrack 2’ “STRONG” and ‘Soundtrack 3’ “STORM”.

The initial video reaches out to those in the throes of depression, offering encouragement to continue the fight. The following video aims to inspire the disheartened with guidance on finding strength, elevating the art form to uncharted territories.

The concluding video is a landmark, merging heartfelt lyrics with filmic visuals, narrating ‘Silent unknown’s journey from chaos to entrepreneurship, crediting his transformation to his faith in ‘CHRIST’. “Turning my life around would never have been possible until I submitted my life to ‘CHRIST’.”

With ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’, ‘Silent unknown’ is set to make significant ripples in the industry, redefining norms. He describes the EP as an embodiment of worshiping ‘JESUS CHRIST’ with genuine devotion and authenticity, signifying more than music; it represents his life’s journey.