Actor/Musician William C. Ingram “Ingram” has U.K. influenced sound

William C. Ingram aka Ingram has a sound that many American listeners have considered to be foreign. He is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but has a sound that reminds listeners of artists such as Daniel Caesar, Sade, and Andre 3000 to name a few. He has been consistently releasing music. Many of his fans are looking forward to an album as he has only been releasing singles.  His style is like no other. He is truly in a lane of his own. He has used conversations with himself and foreigners before in his music. Ingram is also a professional actor and has a couple upcoming films he will appear in the remainder of 2020 and 2021. He has appeared in films such as Point Blank on Netflix, The Public by Emilio Estevez, and has worked with names such as Anthony Mackie, Colin Farell, Glenn Close, Alec Baldwin, Gabrielle Union, and Frank Grillo to name a few. He engages with his fans here

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