Kadda Sheekoff single “All My Life” is the perfect Afropop for Cameroon

New Jersey-based artist Kadda Sheekoff is back with his latest single “All My Life” off of the newly released album the Haitian King. Exuding lush, tropical vibes, “All My Life” mixes Afro soundscapes, with Haitian Zouk and hip-hop. the summertime anthem immediately transports us all to an island escape with visions of partying.

With effortless laid back beats and breezy melodies, “All My Life” showcases the influence from his close Haitian family. “I’m Haitian so my whole life I grew up with Music playing on my house day and night, I listen to Konpa, Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, Reggae and all type of music. My ultimate goal with my career is to leave a positive legacy and heal the Cameroon and the Haitian nation through music through Happiness and through love”, he confides. As a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, Kadda Sheekoff’s unwavering talent and drive for his craft make him a dedicated artist on the rise who won’t stop. 

Kadda Sheekoff started making music as a young teen, releasing a batch of mixtapes and landing guest appearances on other notable Haitian hip-hop projects. At 16, his debut mixtape ESPWA, resulting in a cult following in the Northwest with fans loving his unique blend of genres and hard-hitting rhymes. 

All My Life” is out now Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3gShzcmpLth26yLOaZH8vr?si=xahzbyubQtKCbo9vdW6hxg

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