Saint Ajabel Reveals The Current Insurrection Of Saints Is An Ancient Prophecy Being Fulfilled!

Saint Ajabel Reveals The Current Insurrection Of Saints Is An Ancient Prophecy Being Fulfilled!


All are kindred within all creation.-Saint Ajabel

According to Saint Ajabel A celestial being incarnated on April 17th 1 B.C. as Yeshua bar Jibriel. A mortal son of a woman, and an immortal sun of the supreme all spirit. He was a savior as the bringer of the mysteries from on high. He was a messiah by being appointed by initiation into the order of Melchizedek. Hebrew 6:20 He was a Krst child by reconnecting back to the spiritual family of the supreme all spirit. He was taught, and groomed in Ancient Kemet now called Egypt. He learned the old mysteries until adulthood at the age of 13.

He continued his education among the Magi of the Qumran. He became a representative of the hidden one. The Amen. Revelation chapter 3:14. The Ancient Kemetian unseen deity of Nun. He became unattached to the teachings of his mother, and his stepfather. Matthew 12:50 He became non-religious by surrendering himself totally to the will of the all father Atum.

John 10:30 His teachings was too righteous. So people rejected it. Just like people are doing presently. John 8:37 For example he said, “The kingdom of the highest deity dwell not in a place built by hands, but it is all around you. Brake a twig it is there. Lift a rock it is there.”

The first stage of reforming the teachings of Yeshua, Isa, Jesus were by Paul of Tarsus in 34 A.D. Then from 321 A.D. the emperor Constantine began his process of reforming the original teachings. The Sabbath day even was changed to Sunday for rest, and worship. But everyday the highest supreme deity should be worshipped. Everyday is Sunday. The sun does not rise or set.

Matthew 27:46 “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” Forsaken means abandoned or deserted. This was not Yeshua-Isa-Jesus. This statement contradicts his very teachings.

This was a plan to control your portion of the mind. His teachings was too pure. It had to be corrupted by men in order to control, and take power. The illuminati of divine serpents of the amber light. The Vatican. Revelation 22:18. “If any man shall add.” 22:19 “If any man shall take away.” The book of the Unveiling translated as Revelation was revealed in the year of 96 A.D. So Yeshua, Isa, Jesus knew that his teachings were being changed.

John 8:23 “I’m from Anu.” Like the term Anu was changed to God from Germanic- Gott meaning good from Gudan which is a Norse deity called Odin which is a deity of death, and war. Used as the term Guda from the Gothic Bible of the Goths. The all father Odin the Norse deity of death their lord or master. Or as many peoples’ programmed brain say “God”

His title was changed from Yeshua meaning to rescue into the Latin term Jesus. Hu-spirit beings’ justice is by being rescued from this hell world Hyades, and returned to the paradise worlds. Which many people call heaven. Rapture is Rescue.

Reality live on. Fantasy pass away.

Saint Ajabel states that even if people may say this person did not exist. Or what skin pigment he may or may not have been. His re-formed corrupted teachings have been affecting this world for over 2000 years.

Insurrection Act 1807. “Can this act be used to deploy military troops domestically.” This situation is being monitored by CNN news source.- Zachary B. Wolf CNN June 02 2020

Saint Ajabel reveals this present action is a prophecy being fulfilled.

Daniel Chapter 7 Verse 20-21
“And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them.”




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