Opening of The Imaginarium Gallery in London Featuring ‘The History of Panto: An Immersive Exhibit’

The Imaginarium Gallery, London’s latest addition to the immersive art scene, is poised to open its doors on Drury Lane, in the bustling West End Theatreland.

This unique ‘secret’ venue, situated in an atmospheric cellar, is dedicated to showcasing immersive digital artistry. Its debut exhibit, ‘The History of Panto,’ offers a fleeting glimpse into the art form’s journey over 16 days, from February 2nd to 18th.

The exhibition, tracing Panto’s 300-year-old narrative, unfolds across five thematic rooms. It artfully blends animated sequences reminiscent of traditional toy puppetry with authentic historical artefacts that celebrate Panto’s storied past in London.

Pantomime, or ‘Panto,’ has evolved over centuries to be heralded as a quintessentially English art form, famously dubbed ‘the only art form ever truly invented in England’ by the esteemed Max Beerbohm.

John Kissane, the curator at The Imaginarium Gallery, shared his excitement: “We’re delighted to open this new exhibition in the heart of London’s West End. More than most forms of theatre, Panto is closely tied to the locality in which it is performed as well as steeped in tradition and superstition. Exploring its history in an exhibit has been deeply rewarding.”

For those keen to explore this unique exhibit, tickets are available starting at a mere £7, purchasable via