How Amplify.LA is shaping the next generation of start-ups

Started in Los Angeles in 2011 by Paul Bricault and Oded Noy, Amplify.LA is a unique concept that is currently identified as one of the top 10 accelerators across the US by the Harvard Business Review. Amplify.LA calls itself as an investment fund and accelerator with headquarters in Venice, LA.

At Amplify.LA, it is believed that each company has its own story and its own path of progression and they thrive best when their needs are met in customized packages. An active team of mentors actively provides guidance and support to new ventures at every step of the crucial early stages to make the otherwise bumpy startup journey smoother for them and give them a better shot at success.

Amplify.LA has been the incubator for a number of prominent start-ups like Bitium, Winc, Clutter, and FloQast. Amplify provides financial support as well as strategic guidance to any start-up that approaches them. Tailor-made support is provided to each applicant venture in exchange for an equity stake in their business.

Amplify.LA’s portfolio covers more than 44 companies with investments of over $100,000 – $250,000 in each. With over 5 acquisitions since its commencement, Amplify. LA is a name to reckon with in the venture capital industry.

With less than a 0.1% entrance rate, being part of Amplify.LA’s coveted acceleration program is every start-up’s dream and doesn’t come easy. Among its many significant ventures is the jewelry design, manufacturing, and logistics brand – With well-known venture expert, Chris Young as their Resident Advisor from Amplify.LA, is a success story among the many investments made by Amplify.

By the time he joined Amplify.LA in 2016, Young had been instrumental in quite a few start-ups maturing into or merging with bigger businesses. Known as one of the leading start-up gurus, Chris Young’s role at Amplify was to drive the development of their analytics platform that identified their product development strategy, drawing data from their past sales and marketing keystones.

Backed by Amplify and Greycroft Partners, is successfully operating and selling jewelry across the world. Chris Young, with his vast experience of working with start-ups and ventures, has been one of the guiding forces in the rise and success of Iconery as an influencer commerce platform for eminent celebrities like Michelle Branch, Rashida Jones, and Nastia Liukin, among others. Mr. Young helped Iconery work towards a streamlined manufacturing protocol, thereby reducing the cost of goods sold and increasing the bottom line.

Amplify.LA continues to provide customized guidance and support to a whole lot of niche ventures like, turning them into success stories.

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