Takatsukasa Alliance Announces Appointment of Birgith Laurits in Executive Position

She has been selected to be the firm’s new Head of Global Fixed Income Department

Takatsukasa Alliance, one of Japan’s leading independent asset managers who puts customer’s capital to work by providing active investment solutions across a broad range of capabilities, is pleased to announce that the firm’s Board of Directors have decided to name Mrs. Birgith Laurits the new Head of Global Fixed Income Department. The new appointment follows shortly after the current head of the department, Mr. Filip Horvat, officially announced his plans to retire in the next 3 months.

Takatsukasa Alliance has been extensively searching for a proper candidate outside of its current staff members, looking to take full advantage of the situation by adding value and experience to its portfolio.

The Global Fixed Income Department handles all processes, strategies and balances clients’ risk exposure and profit expectation, through grade fixed income securities of U.S. and foreign governments. Takatsukasa Alliance is looking to gain more currency exposure by conducting investments in non-U.S. Dollar denominated government securities. Mr. Horvat, the current Head of the Department, has constructed and implemented 9 different strategies of value creation that the firm is pursuing to continue developing with the new Executive.

“Mrs. Laurits has served on the Board of Directors of two Top Investment Banks in Asia in her 20 years of activity, so she will bring to the table an important level of management know-how as well as various industry connections that she has established so far in her career. We decided she is to follow Mr. Horvat and propel our fixed income strategies to the next level of value creation”, declared Daishin Mastuda, Executive Vice Chairman for Takatsukasa Alliance.

Mrs. Laurits said:” I am honoured to follow in the footsteps of one of the most experienced and established professional as Mr. Horvat is. I have worked with him in the past through my position at the bank and I can say that the relationship we have built along the last 5 years of partnership was a decisive factor for me to join Takatsukasa Alliance. My motivation is to increase the profit of our clients and elevate the strategies that the firm has been following so far.”

Mrs. Laurits will be working under Mr. Horvat for the next 3 months, when he will step down officially from his position and retain an advisory role to the new Executive for another 1 year.

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