Research-led start-up’s AI platform reveals the customer behind the call

A London-based deep tech company backed by former Google, Deepmind, Swiftkey and Nuance leadership has unveiled a new release of its AI platform that allows contact centres to detect issues and trends such as customer’s vulnerability, ability to pay or product suitability.

Sentient Machines, which already works with a number of leading challenger banks and other financial services companies, has used the latest thinking in unsupervised self-learning and reinforcement-learning neural networks in its new Sentient Analytics platform.

As well as transcribing calls using the latest recurrent neural network-based speech recognition engine, the software-as-a-service platform analyses conversations using leading-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to provide deep insights into the customers themselves and how well the contact centre agents support their customers on calls and in asynchronous channels.

The Sentient Machines platform combines all forms of communication such as email and on-line chat alongside the voice channel, allowing contact centres to build a rich and all-round understanding of the customer’s interaction, allowing them to quickly identify factors that would previously have led to a negative outcome.

In this new release, the platform can detect, measure and optimise over 200 topics of interest.

Dr. Danica Damljanovic, CEO and founder of Sentient Machines and an internationally recognised scientist behind more than 50 publications, said: “Our customers asked us to help them gain insight into their contact centre operations to specifically highlight areas of interest and concern, such as Vulnerability, Ability to Pay, Safe-Guarding and Empathy, and with this data they can ensure they are best serving their clients.

“With these new exciting conversational topic models, we are able to help our customers respond more quickly to intelligence from the field which in turn positively impacts their bottom-line and ability to reinforce good relationships with their customers.”

Early users of the new platform have become 70% more effective in their communication within just a week, the company said.

Sentient Machines is backed by Entrepreneur First and entrepreneurs previously from DeepMind (acquired by Google), SwiftKey and Nuance (both acquired by Microsoft).

At Sentient Machines, we believe that by inspiring human beings to become better communicators, we can create a deeper connection between all of us.

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