Property Developer, Nao Group, Seeks Strong Outlook for 2021 Following Acquisition by Dragon Gate

Nao Group is pleased to announce plans to expand its network of UK coworking spaces.
The news follows from the property developer’s recent acquisition by the Asian backed investment group, Dragon Gate. This move has allowed the Company to secure further capital, which will now be used to fund the strategic purchase and development of coworking spaces in promising areas around the UK
The Company’s plans form part of a wide, long term post-pandemic recovery strategy, which stands to capitalise on the positive  growth forecasted for the coworking economy as businesses now, more than ever, look to remote and flexible office spaces as a viably effective option for a work environment. Future trends point to Covid-19 creating positive, long term effects for the coworking sector globally.
In a development that attests to the sector’s high growth potential, the UK Government itself has recently entered into a set of landmark lease agreements to accommodate hybrid working [CR1] for civil servants. With extensive market experience, Nao Group is well positioned to benefit from  such opportunities and expects further positive announcements to follow as UK businesses slowly ease out of lockdown restrictions and seek out new ways of working after the pandemic.
Commenting on Nao Group’s plans, Mr. Wang Heng, Director for Dragon Gate said:

Dragon Gate is pleased with the solid co-operation it enjoys with Nao Group’s management team . We are working hard to provide continuity of operations during this important transitionary period, and we look forward to a strong outlook for 2021 as  the Company seeks to strengthen and expand its operations.”
About Nao Group
Nao Group is an international commercial property developer focused on creating coworking communities across the UK.

Concentrated on acquiring and developing prime real estate in rapidly developing regions, the Company has found success in the cultivation of vibrant coworking communities across London and beyond. As a young, fast-growing developer of highly sought-after properties, Nao Group is able to offer investors exclusive high-growth opportunities.

With an entrepreneurial management team and a strategy for global growth, Nao Group is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the growing office real estate development market.

About Dragon Gate Group
Dragon Gate is a private investment group with a significant foothold in the Chinese market and a mandate for global expansion. With a senior management team that has extensive experience across the property and finance sectors, Nao Group benefits from collaboration with a successful team that shares its global outlook and allows the group to secure cross-border opportunities at the forefront of market expansion.