Intamac Packaging Systems to sell stock of ex demonstration machines ready for immediate despatch

During the pandemic Intamac Packaging Systems have become known as one on the leading importers of mask making machinery to the UK and Ireland. They have installed a large number of machines  in a range of premises throughout the region and now have a small number of ex-demo machines available for immediate delivery.

“If you are looking for small footprint mask machine to add to your existing lines or you need to compliment your current set up then these machines are perfect.” Explains Tom Poston, sales manager, Intamac Packaging Systems. “They are already in the UK and our team of engineers are available to fit them as soon as they can be delivered, it’s a great opportunity for a business to be up and running within a short time frame.”

Intamac are also able to supply brand new mask making machinery, which can be adapted to suit different demands. The lead times for these being ready for installation is approximately 5-6 weeks from purchase. The range of options available includes: semi-automatic tie back mask making modules, stand-alone mask making modules, stand-alone ear loop application modules, KZ 1-2 surgical mask making ear loop machines amongst others.

One of the key reasons that Intamac have been so successful in this industry is because they offer a full package including full installation, commissioning, training and all backed by a 12 month warranty parts. They are also able to offer additional packaging solutions such as flow wrap machinery, meaning that the whole line can be fully automated.

“We aim to help across the whole production line,” continues Poston “Some customers just want the mask making machine and are happy to hand pack the products, whilst others are working on a much larger scale and have a need for flow wrapping and cartoning. We look at the whole operation and try to find the best solution for your business goals.”

Further information and videos of the machines in action can be viewed at the website .