Sterling Chandler teases potential new business venture in Instagram post

Celebrity teenage photographer, Sterling Chandler took to social media with to share some exciting news. In an Instagram story, Sterling shared a quick teaser of a potential new addition to his digital agency Breeze LDN, this highlighted inclusion of potential new young talent. Could this be a new agency for younger creatives? We can’t wait to find out!

Breeze LDN was launched back in January this year. Sterling Chandler told Complex that, “I am really happy to have set up this creative agency, my focus is to give other young talent and particularly under- represented black talent the tools to grow their platform and craft their trade.”

BreezeLDN launched an official Instagram profile with an introductory post with the caption:

‘Introducing #BreezeLDN – A creative digital marketing agency specialising in music, entertainment & arts. Representing a diverse roster of stars & initiatives

Over the last few years Sterling has made a name for himself in the creative sector and recently photographed campaigns for the likes of Gucci and British GQ.

Aged only 16 at the time, Sterling is the youngest photographer ever in history to have images published in GQ Magazine.

Sterling is a 17-year-old photographer and creative consultant from London and has worked with a broad range of well known creatives and global brands.