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3D Printer World is a leading eCommerce store that wants to promote and advance the technology and the 3D printing industry. We wish to achieve that by advertising and selling innovative tech products, mainly 3D printers of all kinds and purposes. 

Our website is filled with the best 3D printers on the market, affordable, professional and educational. According to our CEO “At 3D Printer World, our products not only deliver efficiency but are also inexpensive, making your purchase worth the cost with guaranteed top-quality results. We, as a business, ensure that all of our products are regularly improved and enhanced”.

A bit of history 

If you’re not familiar with the 3D printing technology, here’s a little run down. The birth of 3D printing technology was released about 3 decades ago, as a process known as stereolithography. Its components operate simultaneously using a layering technique where an object is constructed in sequence layers until it’s complete. 

The beauty of 3D printing is that it performs admirably with even the most complex shapes and parts, many of which cannot be produced using conventional printing methods. The creation of 3D printed objects is performed with the additive manufacturing, a manufacturing process that constructs materials through successive material layers sliced piece by piece and built from the bottom-up to form the desired object. 

Additive manufacturing offers significant printing benefits to conventional processes. It has developed to such extents that it has multiple areas of use.

Areas of use

3D printers are widely used in dental, architectural industries, aerospace and automotive industries, printing parts that win races and go to space, home decor and so on. Very popular these days are 3D printed jewellery and toys, some even make clothes and footwear, since you can use recycled plastic materials. 

3D printers can also be a great combination of learning and fun for not just the kinds, but the whole family. First of all, it’s interesting because you are dealing with technology, and kids love that these days. Second of all, you can print whatever you want. They can print their favourite cartoon characters, clothes and accessories for their dolls, who can have 3D printed homes, and why not even school projects. 3D printers are also a great source of learning, developing creative and spacious thinking, inspire innovation and spark the imagination.

Lastly, since 3D printers are now used in manufacturing more and more, thus their presence is also essential in the formal learning process. You also need to be taught how to operate them, how to build and what materials existing and new they can use. However 3D printers are not just a new technology to develop products, they also require new software, new materials, thus making it an industry of its own and in need of good and new professionals. 

3D Printer World offers all kinds of 3D printers, from very basic and portable, to sophisticated and smart. Here you will find the best 3D printer for you, whether it’s to print a dental mould, a toy or test your theory in class.

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