Red Flags To Look For In Brand Collaborations By Valeriya Lisitsyna

Valeriya Lisitsyna is an American social media star who has gained popularity through her Instagram account, known for uploading excellent social media content creation tips and tutorials. You may also know her for her shortened name Val or Valerie. She has earned over 302k followers on Instagram. Born on June 9, 1999, Valeriya Lisitsyna was originally born in Bransk, Russia.

When she was 2 her parents moved to USA as immigrants starting from zero. This is how Valeriya Lisitsyna is now based out of Seattle, Washington. Her success story is inspiring. It was during her college days at the University of Washington that she realized she didnt want to go the regular college route. While she did majore in marketing at the University of Washington, while she was in school she started finding her self on social media.

If you are trying to become an Instagram influencer in 2022 and work with brands full time like Valeriya. We took some brand collaboration tips that may be useful.

We asked Val what are some of the 3 mistakes girls make when working with brands?

Valeriya decided to share the 3 red flags to look for in brand collaborations with us.

So let’s expose the red flags in brand collaborations you should watch out for with these tips. You should keep these tips in mind as you will find it useful later. The tips are-

1 Brand wants you to pay for product

BIG NO! If the brand gives you a 99.9% discount. You are still considered a customer and you are giving them free advertising. Don’t do FREE work! Same applies to paying for shipping.

2️ No name

If the email or DM has a “Hey babe” in it this may be a message that’s forwarded to many influencers. This might not be a good brand to work with. Know your worth!

3️ Email address

Professional emails often end in the company’s website. Example = Make sure you proceed with caution if it’s a Gmail or yahoo email.

If you found these tips helpful, then let Valeriya you will enjoy her free PDF on Instagram growth linked in her bio.

Interestingly, Valeriya grew over 100K followers in just one week on Instagram and it made her an overnight social media sensation. She kept on learning more about social media while also improving her content creation skills. Using appropriate hashtags on Instagram reels is crucial to making your content more visible and fetching new viewers.

Valeriya is also an active user of TikTok in her account @valerie_lisitsyna with 600k followers. She has endorsed many commercial brands on her extremely popular social media pages. One of her most popular videos on the app is an Instagram hack, and has received over 10.3 million views.

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