8 Places with a Growing Startup Scene

Startups are starting up all over the country! Here is our guide to some of the best startup cities in America. In this list you should be able to find the perfect place to begin your business.

Dallas, Texas

From all across the country, entrepreneurs are making their way to Dallas to take advantage of its zero corporate income taxes as well as its low levels of regulation. It also boasts one of the best business development centers in the nation, with the Dallas Entrepreneur Center offering funding, mentorship and networking for new businesses.

Houston, Texas

Staying in the Lone Star state, Houston has seen a huge rise in the number of small startups and entrepreneurs deciding to call Houston their home. The city has always seen a lot of new businesses spring up in the city as it is a hub for the energy industry, but it is now going through a tech boom with many new tech startups basing their headquarters in Houston.

Denver, Colorado

Denver has seen a surge in startups in the food and beverage industry in recent years, with filtered water dispenser manufacturer FloWater basing their business there and fast-growing brewery Sleeping Giant Brewing Company choosing Denver to build their business. They are also seeing an increase in office management and service startups like OrthoFi who offer billing services for big business and Apto who service the real estate industry.

Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to this city’s investment in engineering and computer science programs at Georgia Tech, Atlanta has become a hub for tech startups. A huge number of Atlanta businesses are now involved in IT services and software development and testing. There are also a lot of green focused startups taking advantage of the tech talent that resides in Atlanta.

Miami, Florida

Many keen eyed venture capitalists are looking at Miami and South Florida as the next Silicon Valley. The city and its surrounding areas have become a hotbed of tech activity. Miami has become a startup center not just for America, but for Latin America too, giving it a workforce with a diverse mix of skills and experience for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. South Florida is becoming a startup hotbed for the technology industry, including new tech sectors like blockchain powered startups.

Chicago, Illinois

The windy city has seen an avalanche of tech based startups in recent years to complement its already ample food and beverage businesses. Many of the world’s biggest tech companies have set up satellite offices there, including Google, Facebook, and Stripe. This has drawn a massive amount of tech talent to Chicago and many savvy entrepreneurs are making the most of their services and starting their business there.

San Diego, California

This west coast city has over 20 incubators and accelerators to help build up small businesses to compete in national and international markets. It has a well entrenched pipeline of talent coming from the University of California, San Diego that is helping entrepreneurs find the right talent to help them grow their businesses. It also has some of the best weather in the country and is just a short trip away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

Austin, Texas

Going back to Texas once again, we find the artistic city of Austin that is investing heavily in small businesses, startups, and tempting entrepreneurs with its low level of corporate taxes and funding schemes. Big name companies like Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have all opened offices there, and electric car company Tesla is planning to build one of its largest US factories just outside the city limits. This has led to huge amount of talent moving to Austin looking for work in the tech and manufacturing sectors.

Starting a business can be very difficult and full of unique challenges. In these cities you will find the talent and support you need to grow your business from day one.

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