Attention Filmmakers and Scriptwriters – The World Film Fair 2018 is coming to New York soon!

If you are a filmmaker or scriptwriter then please read on. There is an event coming next year that you just cannot afford to miss. It is an event which will give you a platform to make those contacts which could allow you to progress beyond the film festival circuit to greater things. Your work can be shown to more than 1500 professionals and buyers from the film industry, and experts will be present to advise you with marketing, distribution and production issues.

Save the date then for the World Film Fair 2018. It will be from October 26th to 31st. It is an event that is a must for cinematographers of all kinds.

The venue for the 2018 World Film Fair is New York’s Brooklyn Expo Center. It is a week-long fair which is tailored for all who work in the film industry. The event is orchestrated for filmmakers to rub shoulders with production company reps, distributors, buyers and not least, other filmmakers. The fair is an ideal platform for you as a filmmaker to network with other creative artists and demonstrate your passion. It is the place to be, not only for relative newcomers to cinematography but also for those who have been working in different aspects of the industry for many years.

Film school students and those studying film at University are warmly welcomed and specifically catered for at the World Film Fair. Student works from many countries will be screened and judged. Those projects receiving judge’s commendations will win grants to facilitate the showing of their work at some of the biggest film festivals worldwide.

The inevitable advantages of being able to meet professional people who can advise you in your film career is but one aspect of the World Film Fair. It also hosts an astounding 100 film festivals during the course of the week. This includes close to 300 film screenings both at the Expo Center and in five top local theaters.

In addition there will be 50 interactive workshops run by various prestigious film professionals. These filmmakers will give you insights into various topics including script writing tips and how to finance and market your work.

If you are confident that one of your films or scripts is accomplished enough to be included at one of the World Film Fair, you are invited to submit it. If accepted, your work will be viewed by all sorts of cinematography professionals as well as members of the general public. This is an outstanding opportunity to be ‘discovered’. Visit for more details.

Whether you are a newcomer or seasoned professional there is something for you at the World Film Fair 2018. Save the date, come to New York and meet ardent people of like mind who share your passion for creativity on the screen.

The World Film Fair is a global platform that gives access to distribution companies, production companies and investors all over the globe, focusing on events for all upcoming new talents in the film industry.
3,000+ New Films & Projects;
2,000+ Industry Professionals;
500+ buyers. 60+ countries. One location;
75 Film Festivals at one time in one place;
200+ Production Companies;
300+ Projects for investors;
150+ Distributors;
200+ Screenings in 5 of the top New York theatres;
30+ Investors;
50 Speakers;
50 WorkShops;

World Film Fair is a platform for over 75 Film Festivals around the globe where all budgets, genres and geographies are represented in one place. Whatever type of creative work you are looking for, you can be sure to find it at the World Film Fair. Projects from 80 countries over the course of the 5 days with attendance of more than 50,000 people with an additional 4,800,000 people participating in 25 talks and post-film conversations from afar via Facebook Live.

Attending World Film Fair event opens up opportunities to meet and do business with leading industry professionals from the New York area. The World Film Fair is a global platform that gives access to distribution companies, production companies and investors all under one roof.

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