Why the M Lasik Center in Texas is a unique establishment in the field of Lasik

For years, across the state of Texas, patients with vision problems knew that the solution lay through correctional LASIK surgery. And then Dr. Micheal Mazaheri  happened to them. When Dr. Mazaheri, an ophthalmologist himself with 20/400 vision, decided to go through Lasik, he had already started his in-depth research on how to minimize risks in corrective vision surgery using LASIK.

Although this procedure was being used vastly, Dr. Mazaheri  continued his search for a more safe and foolproof way of handling vision correction surgeries. The perfect solution came around 2005 when he finally managed to accomplish the feat of avoiding cutting the flap for all the refractive surgeries performed by him.

He put himself through the surgery and within a matter of 30 seconds his vision became a perfect 20/20. This pioneering technology is what the M LASIK Dallas Center, founded by Dr. Mazaheri, provides to patients throughout Texas.

M LASIK Center specializes in providing premier flapless LASIK laser vision correction supported by a personalized post-op course of medication specific to each case. The typical LASIK procedure, where a flap is cut on the front of the cornea, allowing the surgeon access to the cornea, results in 5.7% risk of complication due to incomplete healing of the flap.

An incorrectly made flap might even lead to incomplete healing, causing distorted vision and dry eyes. Dr. Mazaheri wanted to ensure that his patients don’t just have a painless surgery but a risk-free, fast and effective post-op phase leading to a lens or spectacles-free life.

Trained in LASIK surgery from the John Hopkins University, Dr. Mazaheri employs the most advanced methods of vision correction. Additionally, M LASIK center also provides personal, high quality care in a safe and comfortable setting.

This new technology of performing routine LASIK surgery using advanced, next generation PRK method is what makes M LASIK center a unique establishment in the entire state of Ohio. Dr. Mazaheri ’s expertise and research in this field of ophthalmologic surgery has enhanced the procedure to the level where only M LASIK center provides LASIK surgeries without cutting the flaps.

With Dr. Mazaheri personally attending to each patient with an individual treatment plan, the center is indeed a safe and unique establishment serving the state. M LASIK has provided satisfactory results to patients ranging from commercial pilots to military staff, politicians to doctors, who feel safe to get their vision corrected at the M LASIK center, Dallas.

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