“White flowered” scents are the most likely to get women in the mood for love on Valentine’s Day

If you’re hoping to get lucky tonight, you might want to try donning a more delicate scent.

That’s according to new research which found “white flowered” scents are the most likely to get women in the mood for love on Valentine’s Day.

Almost half of women surveyed said a delicate scent works for them, with 35 per cent opting for musk and a quarter saying woody scents get them lusting for love.

Men, conversely, prefer the seductive scents of citrus and fruits.

Fragrance Expert, Karen Gilbert says: “The power of fragrance goes beyond just wearing or noticing a scent.

“As human beings we make sense of the world around us by creating associations with smells, colours, feelings and words.

“We are so used to these associations that we easily pick up on the clues they give us when people wear them.

“It’s a learned behaviour that influences how we interpret the world and those around us.”

According to the Lenor research 61 per cent of people surveyed said fragrance is the most important feature of attraction in a potential partner.

Their smile and their eyes also ranked highly, but the scent was found to have a longer-lasting impact.

Even during a relationship, fragrance stays important thanks to its ability to trigger memories and help us to recognise and remember the people in our lives.

Almost one in three women say their partner has told them they recognise their signature scent.

And a third of men comment that women have told them the scent of their aftershave makes them more attractive and seductive.

The research was commissioned to celebrate the launch of the new Lenor Parfum des Secrets collection – a collection of four unique fragrances that last on clothes longer than fine fragrance alone.

According to the results adding a touch of long lasting fragrance is even more important than you think.

People who wear a fragrance that lasts all day were reported to be more confident (61 per cent), more alluring (52 per cent) and more seductive (43 per cent).

Using science and artistry to create a breakthrough formula, Lenor Parfum des Secrets is crafted with luxury perfumery to create a longer lasting, sophisticated scent that adds the perfect finishing touch to any style.

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