Brexit uncertainty shouldn’t slow UK’s entrepreneurial spirit


Unless you’ve been visiting Mars, you can’t have escaped the unseemly arguments and counter arguments over the fall-out of Brexit, and the cost to the UK to do so. Most of the negotiations seem to have been conducted in public and a game of “Brexit-Future Tennis” is being played out.

As a direct result, businesses are making contingency plans based on their desire for Hard/Soft Brexit, and carefully choreographed statements are released that cover all eventualities.

If you add then the high-profile businesses going bust and you could have a toxic mix. Carillion has been the big failure thus far in 2018 with approaching to thousands of jobs lost this far, and the ramifications will continue.

David Breith, Partner at Incuhub states the picture is far from black and how the UK’s famed entrepreneurial spirit should remain undimmed. In 2017, 660,000 companies were established; a 7% increase than in 2016. We understand the impending prospect of leaving the EU worries many businesses, with tariff barriers and availability of a willing and adaptable workforce and this is a rightful concern. However, the UK’s famed approach to entrepreneurship in recent years has seen many great ideas reach fruition and take on the world’s best industrial markets and competition presented.

There are also many factors that help the businesses of tomorrow:
• More and more investors are turning away from property and becoming angel investors to the businesses of tomorrow. The government’s recent levy on owning multiple properties has stunted growth in owning multiple properties, but this is good for those seeking investment.
• The successes of Amazon marketplace, eBay and Alibaba means you can buy and sell quickly to a global audience.
• Business leaders and investors, like those at Incuhub, are extremely willing to impart their experience to help the sustainability of start-ups and entrepreneurs.
Dave Breith, commented: “At Incuhub, we’ve seen many businesses seeking advice, consultancy and finance to boost the ideas they have. The UK is a hotbed of ideas and invention, and we’re here to help businesses realise their full potential. We’re witnessing some phenomenal businesses approach us with their mapped out idea(s) they just need a helping hand. Many businesses have a vision, but don’t know where to turn to get their idea fully off the ground, with Incuhub they have a much higher increased chance of success.”

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