Announcing the 2nd edition release of Bandaide by Dr George Ampat

Announcing the 2nd edition release of Bandaide by Dr George Ampat

Dr George Ampat is delighted to launch the 2nd edition of his esteemed book Bandaide.

Bandaide, AKA Back and Neck Discomfort Relief with Altered Beliefs, Intelligent Posture, Dynamic Movement and Exercises, in the long form, is a transformational Book that has won renown among the UK health sector and beyond.

The 1st edition of Bandaide was written by Dr Ampat, a consultant Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon with a recognition that the current approach and treatment of back pain is insufficient to meet the needs of patients today.

Surgery as a treatment for back pain, can be overbearing, awkward, and at its worst, counter-productive. As opposed to diminishing pain, patients have suffered increased pain following surgery!

Bandaide was written to be the answer to this affliction in health and wellbeing. A clear cut but compelling, simple but strong, easy-to-read but highly effective approach to treating back pain.

Dr Ampat wote Bandaide to put the power in the hands of the everyday patient. Providing a quick and straightforward way to tend their own pain, and seek out solutions that can be managed from the comfort of their own home as opposed to the doctor’s office!

The 1st edition of Bandaide was a welcome breath of fresh air to Dr Ampat’s colleagues and patients. As a straightforward and affordable Book, doctor’s have found their efficiency rise, their patient’s reporting reduced pain, and drastically lowered rates of returned or enduring pain.

This has been beneficial not only to patients individually, but institutions as organisations, offering the opportunity to improve efficiency and foster a greater culture of self-care among back pain patients both in companies reporting sickness absenteeism and primary care clinics.

The 1st edition proved successful, but now Dr Ampat has written an updated version. Within the 2nd edition, Banaide provides new content in the area of complications following surgery including failed back surgery syndrome. There are more exercises and Dr. Ampat has introduced the concept of Let’s PARTY back pain away. AKA Pilates, Aqua Exercises, Running, Tai Chi and Yoga.

This 2nd edition was written by Dr Ampat with foundational goal to provide the latest and most impactful data available for doctor and patient alike to see the reduction of back pain in the UK and beyond.

A graduate of, JIPMER, Pondicherry, India and with further training at PGIMER, Chandigarh in India and then at Oxford and Nottingham in the UK, Dr. Ampat is an impassioned advocate for his patient’s.

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