10 News Sources Sync Every 60 Minutes On The Slibstream UK News Channel

Slibstream announces its UK news headlines channel now updates every 60 minutes with up to 10 news sources visible at any given time. The company claim they are the first tech start-up to aggregate news sources in this way and operate the channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is free for public viewing.

Slibstream, the creator of the Instagram photo frame has recently launched three other news channels for American, Canadian and Australian audiences. Each of these news channels can be accessed here: https://www.slibstream.com/channels/ It’s a place where people can go online to get a daily wrap up of all the news headlines from various news sources.

The Slibstream UK news channel plays UK news headlines aggregated from the top UK newspaper websites and collates photos of the headlines that rotate every one second in a slideshow. From start to finish, 10 news sources play in ten seconds and continuously rotate during a session. The news sources automatically update hourly.

All of the Slibstream news channels operate using the same platform software as their Instagram photo frame product, but the creator claims almost any collection of websites can be Slibstreamed and news websites are just one example of this.

The business applications for Slibstream are unlimited. We have found photo content delivery is faster, more interesting, easier to absorb and the delivery speed to the mobile audience on 3G internet connections is very quick. We would like companies whom would like to trial a custom Slibstream to contact us. We are looking to prove viable business use cases for our application.” Ben Llewellyn – CEO Slibstream

Slibstream is based in London, United Kingdom. Slibstream recently launched the Instagram photo frame. This press release refers to the online news service here: https://www.slibstream.com/channel/UKHeadlines

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Ben Llewellyn, Slibstream
London, United Kingdom
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