The average woman will kiss 22 frogs before finding their prince

The average woman will kiss 22 frogs before finding their prince, it has emerged.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found the journey to find true love is anything but a smooth one for the majority of the population.

But where Brits believed it’s often more tricky for women to find Mr Right, the research found men will have to kiss a total of 25 prospective partners before finding ‘the one’.

With two in five love-seekers feeling like they have kissed their fair share of frogs on their quest to find their prince or princess.

Greg Tatton-Brown from online casino, who commissioned the study, said: “Ahead of the Royal Wedding, we wanted to find out the lengths the average Brit has to go through to find the prince or princess of their heart.

“Twenty three smooches might seem like a ways to go to find your other half, but for most Brits it’s worth it for true love!”

The study also found Brits reckon you should have found your diamond in the rough by the time you reach 27 years old.

In that time, those prospecting for love will have to work through five duff relationships.

And with so many dead ends to walk down before finding the road to romance, over a third of those surveyed said they feel unlucky in love.

And of those who are currently single, 30 per cent have completely given up on finding ‘The One’.

By contrast 45 per cent still believe in the concept of there being someone out there who is ideal for them.

As for those surveyed in a relationship, 28 per cent have kissed someone else since getting together with their partner.

The average Brit will do the dumping in three of their relationships, and will be broken up with just as often.

And two of these broken relationships will leave the average Brit in tears after the split.

When a relationship ends badly, 30 per cent drown their sorrows on a night out with friends, and 24 per cent reconnect with people they have fallen out of touch with since becoming immersed in their own love life.

One fifth think retail therapy is the best cure for heartache and go on a shopping spree to update their wardrobe when heartbreak takes hold.

And one in eight work through their frustrations instead by pumping iron and working up a sweat at the gym.

Greg added: “Prince Harry has had a storied love life and has no doubt had plenty of opportunities to kiss some eligible princesses – as well as his fair share of frogs!

“Hopefully Harry and Meghan’s looming matrimony will spell love, not only for the happy Royal couple, but for other love-seeking Brits across the country as they inspire singletons to get themselves onto the market.”