Why Are Millennials Driving Less?

Research shows that it’s very clear that young people are driving less today than they did in the past, but what are the reasons why? This article explores just a few of the possibilities. 

Millennials love city life

City life can be busy and hectic, but it can also be vibrant and exciting. There’s always something to do- events, nightlife, restaurants and festivals. There are lots of job opportunities and it’s generally a very happening kind of environment to live in. And as a general rule if we look at trends, millennials tend to enjoy living in cities. This could be one explanation for them driving less. In cities the transportation networks tend to be excellent with trains, trams, buses and the tube running almost 24/7. Neighbourhoods tend to be walkable, and so getting around without a car is incredibly easy meaning owning one isn’t all that useful for lots of people in this group. 

Technology could be playing a role

The rise of ride services like Uber and Lyft could also be contributing to millennials driving less. These types of services are designed to be safe, all payments are handled online so there’s no cash needed and all cars are tracked for safety. Older generations can be a little resistant to changes in technology and that includes ordering transport like this through an app- but millennials are tech savvy. Even if public transport doesn’t go exactly where they need it to, they know they have a backup option in ride services. 

Millennials are eco conscious

As millennials, we’re inheriting the planet in a sorry state from the generations before us. Ozone damage, acid rain, the plastic epidemic and climate change are just a few of the issues caused by the decisions of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents before us. There’s a lot more understanding and education surrounding the planet these days, and as millennials we’re conscious of recycling, composting, utilising clean energy and generally reducing our carbon footprint. Many millennials choose not to drive as a way to reduce pollution.

It’s still worth driving

With all that being said, learning to drive is still a fantastic skill to have and if you’re a millennial that’s not passed their test then it’s worth learning. You might be offered a job further out one day or choose to move away. You might need to drive for any reason and having that skill there can always be utlised at any time later down the line. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact go with an electric model, even your everyday local used car garages like https://www.stephenjames.co.uk/used-cars have electric cars in stock these days.

Are you a millennial, and do you drive- or not? If not, what are your reasons for this?