French teens defy parents to spend weekends indoors

FRENCH teens are defying their worried parents by spending over half their weekends cooped up indoors, new research has revealed.

Despite 95 per cent of mums and dads begging their offspring to play outside, kids remain inside for an average of 20 hours and 24 minutes, according to a new poll.

The worldwide survey of 2,000 parents and teens also found that three quarters of French parents (75 per cent) are worried that their child spends too much time indoors, while 78 per cent believe their kids play outside less than they did as youngsters.

The research carried out by Clip ‘n Climb, leader of the fun climbing market, also highlights parents’ fears that social media and technology are having a detrimental effect on their children.

Two thirds of parents (66 per cent) fear the amount of time their child spends online is affecting their social skills. The same percentage think their child’s future in the workplace or education could be harmed by their lack of time socialising with people.

Over half (69 per cent) say their kids are lacking the social skills they had at their age. And a total of 65 per cent of parents say their children interact more with their friends online than in person.

Tiphaine Lazard, Leisure Product Manager at Clip ’n Climb, said: “Getting kids out of the house and away from screens is vital to ensure they develop the skills that will help them get on in life.

“Our Clip ‘n Climb facilities provide the perfect location for children, teens and families to challenge themselves via physical activity in a safe and welcoming environment.”

The survey ran in tandem with Clip ’n Climb’s plans to launch a new cutting-edge scoring system to embrace connectivity and their customer’s love of technology.

When asked what their child does indoors, nearly six in 10 parents (56 per cent) said they watched movies.

Playing on the tablet, playing with siblings and playing computer games on the PC all scored 32 percent.
Tiphaine continued: “To align ourselves with how youngsters like to feel connected while offering healthy leisure activities, we are introducing a ‘gaming’ element to our Clip ’n Climb centres.

“The new ‘Clip ‘n Score’ system will enable climbers to track their scores as well as their climbing height and speed via contactless technology. We know it will really appeal to our visitors.”

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