World’s First ‘Digital Nutrition Coach for Endurance Athletes’ Partners with Ironman for UK Events

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endur8 automates complex fuel plans and provides real-time nutrition alerts for endurance athletes to ensure they reach race day with a digital plan and nutrition choices that optimise their performance.

Today endur8 announced that all UK Ironman triathlon events (140.6 and 70.3) are available in-app to produce bespoke fuel plans. It’s Spring in the UK and those long training sessions are ramping up for every serious athlete. The Triathlon Industry Associates estimates that 220K people enter a UK triathlon each year. 1

Challenges for Ironman Competitors and Other Serious Endurance Athletes
 The longer the endurance event, the more important the nutrition plan. Recommended carbohydrate intake varies from 30g/h of single or multiple transportable carbohydrates at 1-2 hours exercise duration to 90 g/h of multiple transportable carbohydrates at >2.5 hours. 2
• There is no easy way to calculate individual fueling requirements.
• The limited accessible nutrition guidance available can be boiled down to either meal plans, or taking X fuel every Y minutes, and this often ignores variation between athletes and course profile.
• Athletes find it tricky to strike a balance between under-fueling (and ‘hitting the wall’) and over-fueling (and suffering adverse GI events).

I fell right back into my old habit of just riding and it wasn’t until I was completely spent, that I stopped and ate [the fuel bar]. Of-course I immediately felt better, but this was all too late.” – endur8 customer

How Does endur8 Help Endurance Athletes?

• endur8’s algorithms are founded on the best endurance fueling science.
• endur8 takes the pain away from calculating your own fuel plan and calculates refueling points based on individual athlete characteristics and course profile.
• endur8 encourages athletes to perfect their fueling in training and take fuel out of the equation come race day.
• endur8 captures the data to help athletes explore associations between fueling and performance.

If you need help to achieve the ‘goldilocks zone’ between under-fueling and ‘hitting the wall’ and over-fueling and ‘hitting the bathroom’, try endur8 during your training sessions.” – John Kerrigan, CSO, endur8

About endur8

endur8 is a UK start-up that developed the World’s first ‘digital nutrition coach’ for the serious endurance athlete that improves performance by calculating nutrition plans and providing real-time fuel alerts.

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endur8 is one of the 22, ‘essential apps for runners’. –

endur8 is actively working with UK endurance athletes to help them with fuel plans and real-time fuel alerts to optimise their performance. We are proud to count three UK Team GB athletes as our ambassadors: Josh Griffiths (Athletics), Elinor Barker (Cycling) and Charlie Smith (Kayaking) as our UK ambassadors

“The endur8 app helps me know when to fuel and how to fuel so it’s really helped me improve.” – Josh Griffiths, Team GB Athlete


1 UK Triathlete Survey. Triathlon Industry Association (accessed April 10, 2018).
2 Carlsohn A. Aktuelle Ernährungsempfehlungen für Ausdauersportler. Dtsch Z Für Sportmed 2016; 2016: 7–12.

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