Hey pussycats! Here’s 10 interesting things you may not know about Nicole Scherzinger

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She started out performing in high school plays, then after having dropped out of Wright State University to pursue her music career, Nicole Scherzinger shot to fame for being the lead vocalist in the timeless, best-selling girl group ’The Pussycat Dolls’ who broke up in 2009. As an actress, singer, dancer, songwriter and much more, she has truly left her mark in the history of music. Here are some cool facts you may not know about her…

1) She’s just been axed from the X Factor – no contract!
As we all probably know by now, Scherzinger has been the first to go in Simon Cowell’s ‘young’ revamp of the show. Having no contract unlike Louis and Sharon has left her easier to drop and more likely to be replaced by Cheryl (out of all the possible replacements, Cheryl has been voted fan favourite). Only recently has she broken the silence on social media, however there was no mention of her reaction to being axed.

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2) She is considered to be one of the sexiest women in media
Famous for being a burlesque sex symbol and ‘one of the hottest people on the planet’, Scherzinger has been ranked in the top 10s multiple times. VH1 ranked her as 8th on ‘100 sexiest artists’ and she is 9th on FHM’s ‘100 sexiest women’. She is revered by many people for her beauty and confidence.

3) Her boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov has won sportsman of the year award not once, but twice. Since her break up with Lewis Hamilton in 2015, Scherzinger has had an under-the-radar relationship with renowned tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. Despite the 13-year age gap (her being 39, him being 26), they appear to be in a happy relationship.

Dimitrov is currently the most successful male Bulgarian tennis player. He is the first of which to win £1 million and later £10 million in prize money, as well as being ranked in the top 10 ATP singles. He sets a high bar for athletes everywhere, let alone in Bulgaria. He has won sportsman of the year award in 2014 and 2017.

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4) She is a big fan of charity and philanthropy

Scherzinger’s aunt has Down syndrome and this is probably the biggest factor as of why she is very supportive of charities and people’s rights. Nicole says it’s almost selfish how much she enjoys philanthropy and has done many things to help, such as recording ‘We Are the World 25 for Haiti’ which raised money to help those affected by Haiti’s earthquake in 2010. Scherzinger has also gifted the Youth Performing Arts School with a scholarship, named the ‘Nicole Scherzinger Performing Arts Scholarship’ of $2000.

5) She once performed at the private party of the richest man in Bulgaria.
The entrepreneur Vasil Bojkov is a huge philanthropist, one of the richest man in Eastern Europe and an inspiring collector of ancient Thracian artefacts. Scherzinger reportedly flew into the party Island Mykonos with his private plane and performed for him and his guests. Rumours say she may have met her Bulgarian boyfriend at the same party, considering that the foundation of the richest man in Bulgaria is also sponsoring the annual event Sportsman of the year and Grigor was also on the guest list of the same party.

6) She used to be part of a girl group named ‘Eden’s Crush
Scherzinger, as well as being a part of ‘The Pussycat Dolls’, has had both a solo career and involvement with small girl groups such as ‘Eden’s Crush’. ‘Get Over Yourself’ was their debut single which was number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, and they were the first female act to debut at number one on Hot 100 Singles Sales. Despite this promising start, however, they went bankrupt within a year.

7) She actually did the vast majority of work in The Pussycat Dolls
Although the band broke up because Scherzinger was reportedly paid more attention than other members, Nicole wasn’t just the lead singer – she also wrote many of the songs and did a lot of the backing vocals as well. The band was the best-selling girl group of the past decade (with a significant lack of girl group representation at the time) and is currently the fourth best-selling of all time. Scherzinger has been given most of the credit for this success.
Image source: babe.net

8) She was a sufferer of bulimia
For 8 years during her time with ‘The Pussycat Dolls’, Scherzinger was face-to-face with bulimia. She says that despite being in a group, she felt isolated and that self-harm was her addiction instead of drugs. As a role model for girls everywhere, her triumph over this is both inspiring and empowering.

9) She has won many awards, including the 10th season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’
Some awards include: Ultimate Fun Fearless Female in the Cosmopolitan awards 2012, Outstanding Achievement in Music in The Asian Awards 2013, TV personality in Glamour Awards 2013, and Best Vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film for Moana (she voiced Moana’s mother and Tui’s wife) in 2017. There are many more to both herself and ‘The Pussycat Dolls’.

10) She is a big supporter of gay rights
Above all, Scherzinger wants to inspire her fans. Dedicated to her gay fans, the song ‘I Don’t Need a Man’ shows her strong beliefs about how people should be comfortable in their own bodies. Scherzinger also posed for a campaign in Stonewall, wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Some People Gay, Get Over It’ on November 24, 2012.

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