Talal Malik addresses Top CEO forum by INSEAD, Trends

talal Malik addresses Top CEO Forum by INSEAD-Trends

Global conglomerate Alpha1Corp International said on 11 April 2018 that its Chairman and CEO, Talal Malik, had addressed the 2018 edition of the distinguished Top CEO forum organised by INSEAD Business School and business magazine, Trends.

Mr. Malik spoke at the high-level business conference, held in Saudi Arabia, on the plenary session, ‘A New Era’, about the strategic future direction of economies in the Middle East, focusing on rebalancing the labour market, GDP sector composition and infrastructure.

‘There is an emergent need to balance the ratio between hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure,’ said Mr. Malik to the conference of CEOs, policymakers, investors and business executives.

‘As an example of hard infrastructure, the ultra-high speed Hyperloop is coming to the Arabian Peninsula, but it would be valuable to look at what the equivalent of the Hyperloop would be, for example, in terms of the ease of doing business?’

Mr. Malik’s plenary session was moderated by the award-winning British journalist, Frank Kane, formerly of The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and The Observer. Mr. Kane appears in the official biography of Sir Richard Branson, the British billionaire entrepreneur who founded the Virgin Group, and chairs its space-travel company, Virgin Galactic, and its ultra-high-speed transport company, Virgin Hyperloop One.

The Top CEO forum was organised by INSEAD, recognised as the best global business school by the Financial Times, and Trends magazine, the international magazine for Arab affairs owned by Mediaquest.

Alpha1Corp International is a global diversified conglomerate focused on education, strategic consulting, private equity, travel and tourism, media and entertainment and technology, which has worked with or been recognised by some of the world’s most influential people, institutions and companies since 1999.

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