Spoiler alert! Half of Brits have had the ending of their favourite show ‘spoiled’

Half of the nation’s telly fans have had a top show ‘spoiled’ – by a friend, colleague, relative or social media accidentally revealing the ending, a study found.

Research revealed the true extent to which having someone blab about the ending or ‘the best bit’ can ruin your day, week or year.

The study also found one third of the adult population would rather go a whole day without their mobile phone than have their favourite TV show spoiled.

Some TV fans are so adamant about keeping key moments a secret, a whopping 1.3m have gone as far as pulling “spoiler sickies” – calling in sick and missing work to watch a gripping final episode of a series or box set.

A paranoid 2.7m people have even cancelled social plans in case one of their friends revealed the secrets of the previous night’s show.

Avoiding friends is a smart decision, as the survey shows one in five (21%) Brits say friends are “spoiler-sports” – people who continually spoil TV shows for you.

Other stats include one in two Brits (47%) confess that they would be grumpy for up to three hours if their favourite show was spoiled.

And a huge 1.4m admit that they would be so angry at having their favourite TV show spoiled, they would be irritated for longer than three whole days (73+ hours).

A quarter (26%) of Brits avoid news sites entirely, in case an errant headline tells them more than they wanted to know.

David Bouchier, Chief Digital Entertainment Officer at Virgin Media, which commissioned the study, said: “Great TV gets us talking, that’s why Virgin TV’s Must-See Moment resonates with everyone who watches TV, not just fanatics.

“It celebrates memorable and unmissable TV that everyone was talking about, talk which all too easily becomes spoilers that were hard not to let slip.

“I can’t wait to see who the viewers have picked as their favourite Must-See Moment of 2017.”

As TV fans nationwide look forward to the upcoming Virgin TV British Academy Television

Awards, Sunday 13 May at the Royal Festival Hall, the research behind Virgin TV’s Must-See Moment Award, also revealed the 20 biggest “spoiler risk” TV moments of all time.


1. Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones (2016) – Jon Snow IS alive

2. BBC ONE EastEnders (2001) – Kat Slater reveals she’s Zoe Slater’s mother

3. Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones (2011) – Ned Stark’s beheading

4. ITV1 Broadchurch (2013) – The killer is revealed

5. Channel 4 Great British Bake-Off (2017) – Sophie Faldo winning Great British Bake Off

6. Netflix Breaking Bad (2008) – Walter White’s Death

7. Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones (2013) – The Red Wedding

8. CBS Dallas (1980) – Kristin Shepard kills J.R. Ewing

9. BBC ONE EastEnders (2016) – Bobby killed Lucy Beale

10. ITV1 Coronation Street (2017) – Phelan holding Andy captive

11. ITV1 Downton Abbey (2012) – Matthew dies

12. Sky ONE Lost (2010) – The survivors are all in purgatory

13. BBC ONE EastEnders (2001) – Lisa Fowler shoots Phil Mitchell

14. ITV1 Coronation Street (2017) – Andy is alive

15. ITV1 Coronation Street (2017) – Phelan revenge kills Andy

16. Channel 4 The Simpsons (1995) – Who Shot Mr Burns?

17. FX The Walking Dead (2016) – Negan kills Glenn

18. BBC ONE Doctor Who (2017) – The Thirteenth Doctor Revealed

19. BBC ONE EastEnders (1986) – Den files for divorce from Angie

20. BBC ONE The Apprentice (2017) – Alan Sugar hires BOTH finalists

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