Single parent travel ideas

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Traveling with kids can be stressful in any case – you have foreign languages, illegible road signs and exotic foods to contend with for starters, and that’s before you even begin to consider the tantrums and the trials and tribulations of life as a child! If you are going it alone without another adult then it can seem even more of an intimidating endeavour. However just because you are essentially going solo, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to feel restricted in terms of what types of vacations are suitable for you and your kids to embark on.

You may be surprised at the amount of options available to you that offer stress free (well, almost!) Fun fun and relaxation without breaking the bank.  It’s understandable that you will want to choose a location where outside stresses are minimal and so this article takes a look at some of the best vacations for single parents.

Consider Staying at an All-Inclusive

Staying in an all inclusive resort is your break from cooking, preparing snacks and dealing with tantrums over what foods the kids want to eat. It also saves the hassle of trailing the kids around as you try to find restaurants to eat at or activities to occupy their time since everything you could be interested to do can be found at the resort. From trying new hobbies like sports and swimming, to socializing with other kids, your little ones certainly won’t be complaining that they are bored.

The beauty of staying at an all inclusive resort is also that many of them offer daycare for the kids – meaning that if you want a little time alone to explore, socialize with other adults, or try your hand at surfing or some other activity then you are able to enjoy a little alone time. All inclusive resorts make for great family friendly vacations.

Go on an All Out Adventure

Depending on the ages and personalities of your kids then you could certainly plan a more ambitious and adventurous trip together. If your consider your family as the “outdoorsy” type then how about a trip cycling or camping at a national park somewhere in the US?

You could enjoy renting a little cabin in the heart of Yosemite where in your free time you take hikes together through the woodland and bake cakes by the open fire. You could also choose a destination that provides a historical or educational experience – such as visiting the pyramids of Giza and learning about ancient civilizations in Egypt, or learning about wildlife and the animal kingdom on safari in Kenya.

Consider Teaming up With Others

Traveling as a single parent means that you have all the responsibilities of looking after your kids to yourself – from keeping an eye on what they are doing and supervising them, to doing the disciplining, the packing and the planning. It shouldn’t have to be so stressful though. Traveling alone with your kids should be an excellent bonding time and if you invite another adult to the trip then you are taking our some of the stresses of managing everything yourself.

Perhaps you could invite the kids aunts/uncles or grandparents, or maybe you could invite a friend that also has kids so your own children can make friends, and you can enjoy doing some more grown up activities and having grown up conversations also.

Take a Cruise

In a similar manner to all inclusive resorts, opting to take a cruise takes a lot of the stresses of vacation planning out of your hands. On a cruise, not only is your every whim and fancy catered to, your itinerary is also covered so you will know where you will be on each day (as your boat makes its various stops) and there will be plenty of variety of activities offered (in terms of both time on and off the boat) and so your kids are less likely to get bored.

Check Out a Cowboy Ranch

If you want a vacation that offers excitement and originality and is jam-packed full of activities then staying at a cowboy ranch could be the perfect option for you and your kids. No doubt your kids will welcome the experience of learning how to ride horses and use a lasso with real life cowboys.

Imagine the backdrop of rugged mountains, log cabins and beautiful woodland trails and this is the perfect place to bond with your kids. Both you and your children can make new friends as you enjoy evenings spent by the campfire eating dinner and sharing stories.

Take Each Day as it Comes

When you are traveling with kids, who knows what curve balls may come up during your vacation. The best way is to go through your time together without putting too much pressure on the experience.

This is an example of a vacation whereby too much planning or a strict schedule will not do you any favors. Perhaps some days their little legs will be too tired to do too much walking around, perhaps another day you discover an interesting activity that you hadn’t previously considered. Just take each day as it comes.