Just Two Clicks to Get Your Measurement Result: Data Acquisition Software with Cloud Integration


EVIDAS is HBM’s new data acquisition and analysis software based on cutting-edge technology and open software interfaces. EVIDAS significantly accelerates and facilitates data acquisition and comes with the HBM Cloud.

Just two clicks to get your measurement result

Due to the intuitive user interface that provides immediate visual feedback to the user, all the steps of data acquisition in any testing and measuring task are significantly accelerated. Measurements can be started right away, as soon as the smart sensors (TEDS) have been connected. It takes just two clicks to display the measurement results, without any programming.


Software also available in Chinese and Japanese

Besides TEDS and the sensor database, EVIDAS provides two additional innovative configuration options: a convenient dialog for configuring individual channels and direct configuration in the channel table. EVIDAS offers the right solution that meets the requirements of the application and corresponds to the user’s preferences. The result: A user-friendly workflow and a user interface that is available in English, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

Cloud included, for the first time

HBM’s EVIDAS software comes with Cloud integration, for the first time, and allows global data access. The HBM Cloud basic package provides 5 GB memory space. Data can be stored, exported, and used for reviews in all common formats.

Versatile application

The typical application areas of EVIDAS software include data acquisition in test-bench and laboratory applications as well as component testing. The Essential edition of the software will be available from April 2018. It will successively be enhanced with application-specific editions.

Learn more about EVIDAS data acquisition software at: https://www.hbm.com/en/6968/evidas-data-acquisition-software/



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