Find Your Way Around Fat Loss Treatments

Nu You Aesthetics have created an interactive fat loss treatment body map to help you understand the different options when it comes to fat loss treatments. Forget ‘no pain no gain’ – thanks to scientific advancements in the cosmetic world, we now have all kinds of healthy and safe routes we can explore…

‘Am I willing to go under the knife? How can I avoid scars and recovery time? Is an abdominoplasty worth it?’ These are the questions you may be asking yourself if you are considering a fat loss treatment. You should also be asking yourself whether you would prefer a surgical or non-surgical option, as many people may not be aware of the more holistic equivalents to fat loss.

Let’s say that you are conscious about your arms and thighs. They wobble more than you’re comfortable with and you know that you are carrying extra fat that you just can’t seem to shift through a healthy diet and exercise. You are considering liposuction as your best option but you’re worried about having a cannula underneath your skin. You may not have considered fat freezing as an option – it’s non-invasive, painless and there’s no need for anesthetic.

This interactive body map can help you to answer these questions, along with providing plenty of information, images and videos to inform you on each treatment and procedure. Everybody is different, as are their fat loss treatment results. Whether a surgical or non-surgical treatment would suit you best, make Nu You’s fat loss treatment body map your first port of call in your research.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.

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